Why I Deleted All My Social Media Apps?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Why l Deleted All My Social Media Apps  Morning all –  2 days since my last blog and I’ve been up since 415am (Jenny woke me up again) and this is the time now: So far this morning I’ve just come back from my morning exercise routine @7am (today a 30-minute run/4.14 per km followed […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Be More Productive

Reading Time: 18 minutes Hey, guys, it’s day 39 and here is the time: I’m going to attempt to write this whole blog post in 45 minutes That’s this app:  You can grab it for free from the Mac App store I expect. I’d go and grab it – but as you can see – I’m on a clock. […]

Starting My Ultimate Guide Series, 1 Podcast Per Day & Random Thoughts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hey guys, Back at it again with a new blog, And I had a brainwave this morning which kind of blows up the true intentions of the blogs I’ve been writing to date, but I’ve found a happy medium if you will. I’m going to bounce between ‘journalling’ which is to a degree what these […]

The Power Of Routine

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello all, It’s nice to hit the two week mark today. Day 14 is definitely a good show. Here’s what the gun says. Here is what is playing: I’ve got this on repeat using this plugin: Today I woke up and Strawberry is feeling a little poorly, and she has an exam today, so I […]