Starting My Ultimate Guide Series, 1 Podcast Per Day & Random Thoughts

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Hey guys,


Back at it again with a new blog,

And I had a brainwave this morning which kind of blows up the true intentions of the blogs I’ve been writing to date, but I’ve found a happy medium if you will.

I’m going to bounce between ‘journalling’ which is to a degree what these blogs are, alongside producing ultimate guides.

Over the last three days, I’ve written an ultimate guide to one of my passive investment strategies with Forex trading, and I’m seeing how incredibly valuable it is to have a very long-form piece of content that I can share with people.

word file

Check this bad boy out, it’s almost 5k words!

With this in mind, I’ve already got ideas about how I can improve it

  • It’s missing case studies, so I’ll ask my friends Francesco and Daren if I can mention them both in the blog (they might say no).
  • I’ll also record a video going through my experiences to add further credibility to the blog
  • I need to write up exactly how the passive income model works in terms of number breakdowns as well
  • I can also discuss the seasonality of my investment i.e when it does/doesn’t build big returns
  • Sam (my marketing executive) will produce a list of FAQs which I’ll also add to this blog post

This will help take it up to the 6k mark potentially which to me is exciting.

I just haven’t really produced content in such depth before.

Furthermore, each time I get asked about my investments OR talk to someone who I think could be a good fit – I can send people that link and then have a follow-up call

On the call, I’ll discover what other questions they have and then improve the blog.

All of this saves me a huge amount of time when people are asking me about ‘how I generate passive income’.

Just yesterday I sent the blog to a couple of people who have found it immensely useful, two of whom I’m pretty sure are going to end up investing into Forex.

And now when anyone asks me for advice it just gets easier and easier to produce blog content.

So this has been my realisation this morning; that producing long-form content like that is probably extremely useful, and so I’ll now start switching (after today) to what I call the ‘1-week blog’.

I’m still going to intersperse my personal life where I can but I’ll also produce an ultimate guide over several days whilst bringing in bits about myself as an effective way of hitting both points.

By way, the other place I’m writing daily is on Quora


I’m up to 246 answers.

The aim is to write 50-a-day which will = 1,000 over literally 50 days.

It’s quite incredible when you think about it in those terms.

Then I intend to task switch and find something else to focus on in sprints.

This is how I’m approaching everything ‘new’ that I’m doing by the way.

I’ve heard many entrepreneurs say that ‘they have no time’ to produce blog content daily, certainly not at the scale I’m attempting to produce content but as you can see I’m attempting to do it at scale.

Really pleased with it so far as I’m only  29 days into this journey and am planning to get to 100 days.

That’s something I consider to be extremely powerful; setting a sizeable target and then absolutely going for it in terms of trying to achieve it.

In fact, I’m going to get back to ‘planting my flag’ and build a new habit; podcast 1x per day (for 5 minutes every day) using the Soundcloud app for 100 days!


You can check out some of my stuff by Googling this

Once I get the podcasts going, I’ll think about a way to integrate them into my blog so people can read the content as well.

What I might do is look at topical questions on Quora and record a podcast answer to them.

In fact, that’s an excellent idea, I’ll give that a go.

God this is what I love about these mornings and having the time to think about simply the stuff that I enjoy.

Right now the time is 537am, and I’ve already been awake an hour thinking about various different things that I believe will help me drive my life forward.

Btw I’ve also just switched from Wunderlist:


Suck it’s going away

[convertful id=”197358″]


I’ve just paid for the premium subscription:

premium subscription

And I’ve also got it set up on my mobile phone:

mobile phone

What’s cool is that it has a Whatsapp integration for sending you reminders to get sh*t done.

Let’s see how I get on with it and if it helps me be more productive.

The other thing I need to get smarter at is dedicated daily ‘inbox management’ for my email –

And again I’m building it into my daily routine. Here’s what I’ve just done:

inbox management

I’ve segmented some of my daily activities by before 10am and after 10am.

Let’s see if I get better and getting things done now.

I’m continually trying to build productivity habits into my schedule and to find better ways to achieve more things with my time

And again this is another part of that journey.

So, all in all, today has been a SUPER productive morning because of all the things that have happened lol whilst I’ve been writing this over the last 70 minutes.


  • Decided to relaunch my 100-days of podcasts
  • I’ve paid for and switched from Wunderlist to
  • I integrated reminders into WhatsApp and created a whole new load of tasks
  • I’m going to start writing 1 ultimate ‘guide’ per week starting tomorrow
  • I’ve downloaded Clean My Mac and just cleaned my computer
  • I checked in with some of my team for today’s work

So feeling quite productive all in all.

So that’s all for today I believe.

Let’s do a time check:


Ok awesome – here’s today’s final thoughts:

  • Routines are so f*cking powerful – build them and keep refining them
  • Seek continual ways to build in the additional 1% of excellence
  • Commit to producing word-class content – it’ll have long term benefits.

That’s all folks – catch you tomorrow 🙂