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People have always been entrepreneurial, finding promise in new ideas, goods, and discoveries and converting them into something more valuable and marketable. The wheel spawned local transportation services, electricity spawned light bulb firms, and fire spawned Nando’s. Or something along those lines.

The internet, on the other hand, was a completely new scenario. In terms of impact on how we live, work, and communicate, it ranks alongside the automobile, or even the wheel itself. With the phenomenal success of corporations like Amazon and eBay, ordinary people began to realize that they had access to potential customers and/or audiences from all over the world.

From the comfort of their own living room, they realised they could tap into a global market of at least 3.2 billion individuals. Internet users turned would-be digital entrepreneurs began to conduct business while wearing their pyjamas, and they loved it.

As a result, there has been an explosion of digital entrepreneurs, which expanded even further with the introduction of broadband and later the smartphone. And as it’s one the biggest, most active, and most storied cities in the world, the fact that digital entrepreneur London quickly became a career goal for many is hardly surprising.

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Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla is one such digital entrepreneur. Like many, he started small, in his parent’s basement, having walked away from a career with one of the storied Big Four consulting firms because his goals were different. He wanted to make money, but on his terms, doing what he enjoyed. Which is the case for almost every entrepreneur.

In less than five years Deepak built not just one successful business, but a whole slew of them – check out the Pearl Lemon Group here – based not just on the expertise and education he had at the beginning of his digital entrepreneur London journey but also on the myriad of things he learned along the way, often helped by experts who could fill in the gaps in his own knowledge and expertise to help him succeed.

While Deepak’s entrepreneurial journey is far from over, he is now at the point where he wants to start giving back, working with others who want to launch their own digital enterprises.

As a digital entrepreneur London acting as a consultant, Deepak is able to offer guidance to others launching or planning to launch their own digital businesses.

How Deepak Shukla Can Help You Build Your Digital Business

1. Offer a Different Viewpoint

Seasoned digital entrepreneurs can see a situation from a different perspective. They typically know the ups and downs of the path ahead, and experience is the most valuable commodity in anyone’s career. On your path to success, they can serve as a map and compass.

Often Deeapk can offer perspectives that you may not have considered, considerably broadening your business viewpoint and allowing you to avoid failure. This isn’t to say you won’t encounter any setbacks, but following expert advise will allow you to accelerate your business’ development rather than stumble over issues that could have been avoided.

2. Help You Build a Better Network

Networking is crucial in the business world. Because he is already in the good graces of a superb network, Deepak may be able to help you get a leg up in this area. He already has extensive contacts with CEOs, CFOs, executives, and other business experts. You can use what – and who – he knows to broaden your own network and create new opportunities.

In addition to business networking Deepak can help you find the additional talent you might need to expand your business. One of the great advantages of a digital business is that you can offer work with people from all over the world, but finding the right people can be especially challenging.

While building the businesses that make up the Pearl Lemon Group Deepak has not only built up a great base of talented virtual employees but has also learned (sometimes the hard way) how to determine who the best talents are, and how to avoid working with those who are not (but often claim to be.) As your digital entrepreneur consultant, Deepak can share these experiences and insights with you.

3. Help You Build a Better Business Culture

A company’s success or failure is largely determined by its culture. Employees that work in a positive environment are more motivated and devoted. A digital entrepreneur consultant like Deepak Shukla can assist you in creating a culture that promotes the organization’s integrity.

The Pearl Lemon Group, while made up of companies operating an increasingly wide variety of niches, has, under Deepak’s leadership developed a strong culture based on teamwork, client commitment, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It has taken time to develop and there were missteps along the way, missteps Deepak can help you avoid.

4. Help You Make Better Business Decisions

As a business owner, you may be forced to make hasty decisions that determine whether your company will survive or die. It’s as though you’ve stepped into a minefield. In this case, a digital entrepreneur with more experience than you who has almost certainly been in a very similar position can assist you in making the best choice possible while minimizing the consequences if things go wrong.

5. Help You Become a Better Leader

It’s very difficult to start a business of any kind, but it’s even harder to keep it going and make money from it. Communication, planning, strategic thinking, and problem-solving are among the leadership talents required. And not everyone has all of them, or in the quantities they need.

These are talents that can be developed though, and working with a digital entrepreneur consultant like Deepak Shukla will help you do so.

Interested in working with Deepak Shukla as your digital entrepreneur London consultant? You don’t have to be based in London to do so, and you do not need to be in the start-up stage. Deepak has experience in helping turn around failing businesses too. To learn more about how he might be able to help you, contact him today.

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