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As anyone who knows him can tell you, Deepak Shukla is a born salesman. One of those ‘could sell ice to Eskimos’ salesmen. Cut there are more of those – and saleswomen too – than you might imagine. Lots of people can sell. Not everyone is a sales expert.

Deepak has spent most of his working life (which actually began as a comprehensive attending teen) striving to become just that. A sales expert, London based but working with businesses all over the world (while also building his own business empire based on his sales skills.) But what is a sales expert? Why do you need one? And why would you need Deepak specifically?

Deepak Shukla

Salespeople Vs. Sales Experts

So what makes a sales expert? And why do people think Deepak Shukla is a sales expert? Well, sales figures that demonstrate it for one, but there’s a lot more to being a sales expert than that:

Sales Experts Listen Actively,
Not Passively

Active listening is a necessary skill. Without this capacity, the sales rep is merely expanding on a marketing campaign rather than selling a product or services. To sell, sales experts know, one must first determine the prospect’s true need and then match it with a solution that satisfies the demand while also meeting the client’s other restrictions, such as financial, technical, or structural. You can only do that by listening to what they have to say.

A Sales Expert Builds Emotional Bonds with The Product

The best salespeople understand how to create a stronger emotional connection with the product or service they’re selling. People are more likely to make decisions based on their emotions than on rationality. As a result, the most effective salesmen are those who can tell a compelling tale about a product or service with which they have an emotional connection. It’s not something you can fake because any customer will pick up on your lack of honesty.

A Sales Expert Knows Their Product

To be considered a sales expert rather than just another seller, you have to know what your product is and how much value it adds. As in, really know. One of the biggest reasons outsourced sales teams fail is that they don’t take the time to actually learn and understand what they are tasked with selling.

Whatever he’s selling, Deepak Shukla ensures he knows what it is and why it matters. That might mean a lot of unpaid, sometimes tedious research, but the willingness to do all of that is how you become a sales expert who can sell products and services from across a huge spectrum of possible offerings.

Sales Experts Develop Outstanding Interpersonal Skills

A successful salesperson will have outstanding interpersonal skills and will place a strong emphasis on developing genuine relationships with their customers. Customers want a salesperson that cares about their success, not simply the transaction. Salespeople have had a bad rep for decades, maybe even centuries, but one really ‘nice’ salesperson can turn that all around

Sales Experts London Take A Service-Oriented Approach To Sales

Those who are humble and approach sales as a service to others are the best salespeople. It’s not about persuading someone to buy something they don’t want or bragging about how terrific you are. It’s all about figuring out what makes people happy. If you can assist the potential customer in navigating through their issues to the point of making a purchase choice, that’s a really valuable sales skill.

The Best Sellers Ask the Best Questions

The best salesmen in the world ask outstanding questions. They can follow a question path that goes to the heart of the prospective customer’s concerns. The answers to those questions give them the data that they need to propose a winning solution.

But that’s not all. They  must be able to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer. This is a crucial quality that can help the sellers overcome obstacles, develop a stronger emotional bond with the consumer, and even boost the chances of closing the deal. This also creates trust and makes it easier for the seller to overcome obstacles.

Sales Experts are Likable and Trustworthy

Likeability is a crucial characteristic. If someone likes you, they are more likely to trust you, putting you in the driving seat in terms of sales. Reading the room and rapidly identifying connection points with prospects is a fantastic method to increase likability. Prior to a meeting, social media research is a wonderful way to accomplish this because you can rapidly uncover beliefs, hobbies, and passion areas.

The Best Salespeople Stay Positive

Selling is a unique skill, and a sales expert is driven by the conviction that no matter what happens during the current sales pitch, call, or interaction this one, and then the next one, will be more successful. People can immediately detect a salesperson’s enthusiasm, ambition, and confidence. Optimism has a significant impact on all three qualities.

And the importance of relatability cannot be overstated. Great salespeople consult rather than sell.

Sales Experts Share

Their knowledge, that is. When he’s not selling, or overseeing the operations of his own businesses, much of Deepak’s time is spent educating others about how they – or their business’ sales teams, can make the transition from salespeople to sales experts. There are a lot of things to sell in the world, and he can’t sell them all. But he can show others how.

What Sales Services Can Deepak Shukla Offer as a Sales Expert?

There are so many different ways a product or service can be sold today. No one way is the right way, although there are always some sales methodologies that work better for any unique selling proposition than others.

In terms of basic sales techniques, it’s fair to say that Deepak – and his teams at some of the sales focused concerns in the Pearl Lemon Group like Pearl Lemon Leads and Pearl Lemon Sales – has tackled them all, from cold calling and cold emailing to video sales and social media based selling.

Close up of handshake customer and salesman
Girl using laptop. Close up cat looking to the camera.

However, it’s his selling IQ that sets Deepak apart as a sales expert London. The ability to understand what a client needs in terms of selling expertise, and then assembling the right teams and tools to best achieve it. It’s not hard to hire a team of outsourced salespeople at all. But if they aren’t led by a sales expert, then the results will rarely offer the kind of ROI clients hope for.

Deepak and his teams can do more than just sell for you, though. He can act as an expert sales consultant, advising businesses on how to change their sales strategies to achieve better results.  Or help their current sales staff make the transition from salespeople to sales experts.

In short, if it involves sales, Deepak Shukla can probably help. To find out more about how his sales expert status can help you, contact him today.

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