Hi, I’m Deepak Shukla.

Deepak Shukla here, I am the lead investor at the Pearl Lemon Group, which operates multiple businesses such as Pearl LemonPearl Lemon LeadsPearl Lemon AccountantsPearl Lemon PR, Pearl Lemon WebPlant Sumo, & Serpwizz and more. We own a portfolio of companies to include coffee shopsvideo game developmenteCommerce, marketing and a range of SaaS tools

We are 107+ people and growing.

If you want me to help grow your business then you can contact one of my team here. We’ve taken companies from $100k per month to $1 million per month in 18 months and less.

On this site you’ll find my musings about my life, business, relationships, books that I’ve read and my philosophies on growth both personally and professionally.

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Who The F*ck Are You?

  • Deepak Shukla, British-Indian guy from West London.  
  • Handsome dude in picture on the left 🤪 (if you’re on your desktop, anyway).
  • Tinkerer that likes to try and stuff (and mostly fail at it).

Living An Unorthodox Life

From Deepak Shukla. 7-Figure Agency Owner. 6-Figure FX Trader. SaaS Founder. Property Investor. Entrepreneur.

Right, so what will The Newsletter Teach me?

Maybe nothing lol!     

But worst case I hope it’s entertaining for you.

I’ll be talking about things such as…..


  • My application to 21SAS (the British Special Forces)
  • Training with a Georgian former special forces sniper (private military training programme)
  • Becoming a basically trained British Solider (Alpha and Bravo)
  • Running 5 ultramarathons in Italy, Poland, Wales and England
  • Running 33 marathons in 20+ countries
  • Completing an Ironman having never ridden a road bike (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)
  • Training and winning (via TKO) my first Muay Thai right (Rio, Brazil)


  • Living in 9 cities  (Malaga, Lisbon, Lausanne, Tbilisi, Rio, Turin, Warwick, London &  Malta)
  • Backpacking across 60+ countries over a decade
  • Hitchhiking 1,100km for a stag do in Estonia
  • Doing a 24-hour walk with some friends to prep for a 27 hour ultramarathon
  • Deepak Shukla as a TedX Speaker
  • Becoming a Padi Scuba Diver (with 20+ dives) & Qualified FA Football Coach
  • Living Homelessly for a Week in London


  • Running a digital marketing agency doing 7-figures a year (Pearl Lemon; around $1.1 million USD this year)
  • How I became an SEO expert
  • Launching a SaaS app (Word Pigeon) and failing
  • Launching 2 Mac apps per month (Dr Hidden, Dr Cal pending) & failing
  • Buying businesses (I bought two (one is 7upsports), am cloning another) & failing
  • Raising 75k to launch an Ed-Tech platform in 2010
  • Business ventures through Deepak Shukla’s 20s (Deep Impakt Recordings, Gobsmackers, Meet My Tutor, Studiobookers, The CV Guy, Haircut Heroes, The Pyjama Party)
  • Network Marketing Adventures
uk money


  • Putting 250k into a Forex trading account
  • Losing 35k in one day, making £100k+
  • EIS Schemes, ISAs, Pensions & Stocks


  • Buying 5 houses/flats at once (4 of which I never saw)
  • Using sourcing companies to avoid actually searching myself
  • Getting a 3-bedroom house with a £54 a month mortgage
  • Buying an off-plan student accomodation

Personal Development

  • Having 1,000+ hours in therapy (CBT, Psycho-dynamic therapy, group counselling)
  • Paid coaching with life coaches, business coaches, sports coaches, 100+ self development books read
  • Recording 150+ rap songs, performing as a warm up act for Roll Deep, battle rapping, being asked to manage Klashnekoff

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From Deepak Shukla. 7-Figure Agency Owner. 6-Figure FX Trader. SaaS Founder. Property Investor. Entrepreneur.

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