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In his work as a communications consultant, Deepak Shukla has helped a wide variety of clients send all the right messages to all the right people. Working across a huge range of messaging platforms, across many niches, Deepak has guided the kind of brand messaging that connects with his client’s target audience, increases conversions, raises brand awareness, and ultimately boosts their bottom line.

Hiring a communications consultant like Deepak relieves you of the burden of figuring out how to reach and engage your target audience by yourself. As an expert communications consultant, Deepak is not only very familiar with the ins and outs of marketing on a variety of platforms, but also with the kinds of messaging that resonates best with each platform’s primary user base.

As a communications consultant Deepak, supported by the expert team he has assembled, understands how to make the most of strategies like email automation and social media messaging, as well as how to develop a clear, strategic message that connects you to the individuals who need you the most, wherever you might be reaching out to them.

Not sure if you need Deepak Shukla as your communications consultant? Here are seven specific ways that working with him will help your company succeed:


Developing a Brand Strategy

One of the most memorable aspects of your business for your target audience is its brand. Or at least it should be. It expresses who you are as a business and resonates with your target audience while remaining current, unique, and intriguing.

A communications consultant can help you shape your existing brand messaging into a cohesive narrative that tells your audience how you will solve their problem, or your products or services will enhance their lives.

When you partner with Deepak Shukla, he’ll help you with anything from establishing or upgrading your website to developing a strategy for your public relations or product launches that is always on brand, so that no matter where you are sending your message from, it will always be easily identifiable as coming directly from your ‘brand voice.’

Create Clearer Communications Goals

It might appear to be a simple task, but a qualified communications consultant can assist you in delving deeper (beyond “more sales!”) into how you want to connect with, show up for, and service your audience.

Do you want to raise your fundraising by 75% in the next quarter? Do you want to introduce a new product, service or course but don’t know when the best time is to do so? Do you need to gain more traction for an ad campaign you’re running but aren’t sure where to start?

The first stage in developing a cohesive and effective marketing plan is to be clear about your actual goals. Deepak believes that instead of waiting for your target audience to grow, you can actively construct one and engage with it by demonstrating you care about your audience and thoughtfully contemplating your marketing strategy.

Better Understand What Your Customers Want

With today’s huge variety of messaging platforms, audience involvement can take on more forms than ever before. It’s difficult and time-consuming to figure out what will perform effectively for your audience and message.

What does your target audience want? What sources do they consult for information about what you have to offer? What do they do in their spare time? Based on his extensive professional knowledge of multiple messaging platforms, trends, and best practices, as your communications consultant, Deepak Shukla can assist you in answering these questions fast.

Carefully choosing the best approach to make contact with your target audience–blogs, public meetings, advertisements, social media, and newsletters– helps ensure that your message reaches the individuals you want to see it. Deepak and his team take the time to get to know your business and your target audience and use that knowledge to help you move them from point A to point B by understanding how they communicate.

Setting Up a Real Communications Strategy

You know what you want to achieve and how you want to reach your target audience. What’s next?

You don’t want to send too many emails to your potential client, but you also don’t want them to forget about you. Your message should convey a story and take your listeners on an adventure.

To engage your audience, you need content that is integrated and cohesive. Random, disjointed messaging does not instill the confidence and trust in you that your audience needs to proceed in doing business with you.

A communications consultant like Deepak Shukla will help you plan content that makes sense and keeps your audience interested. You’ll have a consistent supply of ideas if you plan monthly themes or particular material around holidays, social movements, or industry events. Working with a communications consultant to create an editorial content plan means you’ll never be stuck for something to say again!

Create a More Manageable Communications Strategy

How do you get all of the creative stuff done now that you have your content strategy in place, and still have the time and energy to run your business?

Your communications consultant can help you to figure out where to start and what to prioritize whether you’re a one-person business or have an in-house team to work with. They will also help decide what content and messaging you should concentrate on producing in-house against what should be outsourced to those with more time and expertise.

For example, before you begin creating content, you may need to set up online accounts and learn about the messaging platforms themselves. Your communications consultant will make it simple to see what your next step is by categorizing your projects by priority and specifying each phase in the process.

To make your life easier, as your communications consultant Deepak Shukla can provide implementation, project schedule preparation, and client resource management, as well as, if needed, the content itself.

Connect You With Those Who Can Do What You Can't

You’re not a copywriter, graphic designer, or webmaster just because you’re a great business owner.

Or maybe you are–but who has time to accomplish everything?!

As your communications consultant, Deepak Shukla can assist you in finding the perfect individual for the many tasks at hand. Once he has a thorough understanding of your brand and voice, he can point you in the direction of someone who can best represent you and even oversee that work so that everything is achieved effectively, expertly, and on time.

What Sales Services Can Deepak Shukla Offer as a Sales Expert?

Last but not least, once your content and communications strategies are up and running, you must be able to follow through and maintain them.

As your communications consultant Deepak will assist you in determining a regular timetable for outreach, posting, emailing, and any other audience engagement platforms you’ve chosen to focus on. He will also help you in determining what is and is not working, and what needs to change.

As your communications consultant, he will use his knowledge to optimize your content strategy for the long haul, whether you need to alter an email campaign or want to focus on hybrid technology outreach. Deepak and his team are also a terrific complement to any company that is either too small to hire a full-time CMO or that requires an outside voice to steer the ship for a team that lacks communications support.

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