The Power Of Routine

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Hello all,

It’s nice to hit the two week mark today.

Day 14 is definitely a good show.


Here’s what the gun says.

Here is what is playing:


I’ve got this on repeat using this plugin:


Today I woke up and Strawberry is feeling a little poorly, and she has an exam today, so I feel slightly preoccupied. 

I spent an extra ten minutes this morning with her and it threw my regular routine out of whack.

And even now I’m checking in on her:


It’s thrown my routine out of wack slightly as we slept poorly throughout the night and by the time the alarm went off this morning at 4.28am there was the temptation to stay in bed.

Which thankfully passed.

With this in mind – I want to talk about the power of building powerful routines in your life – and even more powerful habits.

Relying on will-power alone is not enough to keep you disciplined over the long term, so it’s very important to determine and build routines.

A new routine I think I’m going to build now; from tomorrow I’m going to start telling some stores in these daily blogs and go on that personal challenge.

Since I started waking up at 430am several months ago now I’ve continued tweaking my routine in a bid to become more effective.

In hindsight, having a cold shower and training in the AM sent my body spiraling and ready to go back to bed each morning.

Those two things have proven cancer to my routine.

Since I’ve packed my clothes in the living room the evening before alongside everything I wear – I simply wake up, exit the bedroom, walk across the hallway and slip my clothes on, and on my best day I’m awake, changed and out of the door within seven minutes.

What you then find, – that’s brilliant about the mind – is that routines – especially when you build powerful ones – don’t tend to operate in isolation.

I not only post my watch in my 430am club Whatsapp group – I’m now getting into the habit of posting it on Facebook.

And now I’ve just connected my Facebook to my Twitter via IFTTT:


This will allow me to extend my accountability to Twitter as well.

Here is the key then in my view:

Find one powerful routine that is tough to execute upon – 

For me it’s been 430am wake ups, that morning kick will allow so many other things to become possible in my life.

And with this routine I’m building layer upon layer of support structures:

  1. The Whatsapp accountability group
  2. Posting it on Facebook
  3. Having it as my Facebook cover
  4. Having it in my LinkedIn Title
  5. I’m now posting it on Twitter
  6. And posting it on LinkedIn

There have been several times, moments (as there will continue to be) where I want to pack it in.

I want to sleep a little longer and worry about everything else later.

And this is when powerful routines save you.

4.30 has lead to this blog, finding time for Quora, creating the Whatsapp accountability groups – and posting on Facebook – which in turn has opened up many other opportunities.

Writing also is like a kind of therapy as I march forwards in my journey to success.

I’m not sure if you signed up to my newsletter where this all started:


It’s leading me to stretch myself further still.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve started writing prolifically again. And it’s been when I’ve stopped thinking so much about ‘success’ and much more about writing about subjects I’m passionate about that I’ve actually seen success from my content.

[convertful id=”197358″]

So I implore you to find your one powerful routine.

Psychologically it makes you feel incredibly powerful – and as creatures of habit and routine – it opens up a gateway to achieving many more things with the time you have.


You know – this represents an opportunity to analyse my life and to figure out where there are clear areas for improvement.

Let’s think out loud together – 

I want by the time I’m 35 (in 17 months) to have ‘financially retired’.

I talk about this a lot – but realistically – am I generating the actions that will get me there?

What are the actions Deepak?

  • Generating an income that will passively produce me £10,000 per month

Fundamentally that’s the best way for me to get there

How can I do this?

(And wow – the other powerful routine that blogging is giving me – is the power of writing down goals and how it is I’m going to aim to get there).

The agency is all good and well – but it’s hardly passive income. It’ll forever be active.

So what in my life currently could be passive?

  • Word Pigeon (the SaaS tool I’m building with my great friend Max Carrol)
  • My Forex trading returns
  • The income I make from making introductions to my forex trader
  • Property
  • Building out/buying another SaaS tool?

So with this in mind, there’s an argument to be made that perhaps I’m focussing heavily on the wrong thing?

Whether or not that is the case – what this does make me realise is that I need to have planning sessions for each of these spaces.

What I’ll do today (my promise to you) – is put together a plan high-level for each of these spaces and then start building some powerful routines around them.

One of the things I’ve stopped doing – which I really shouldn’t have – is the 10x rule.

How can I 10x the actual businesses that I’m working upon?

I love this concept from Grant Cardone and I’m almost beginning to plan out what I can do for each of the items above:

  1. How can I get Wordpigeon 10x more users?
  2. How can I allocate a steady 10k a month into Forex?
  3. How can I make 10 introductions a week to my Broker?
  4. How can I start an outreach programme for Forex?
  5. How can I get to a place where I can buy one property a month Or get to 10k passive income a month?
  6. How can I take the Mac apps launch I’m doing to 10k a month?

These are some of the questions that I definitely need to answer and really focus upon with a key other critical question –

  • How can I make all of these items work together in a way that they all complement each other?

It all needs some thought.


But. I hope all the above underlines the power of routines. Routines are like systems, and systems do create freedom – and with freedom, you can have the time to build out further routines to support your original ones.

Or something like that.


This is my time check 😛

And here are today’s final thoughts:

  • Willpower will fail you – routines tend to fail you less
  • Routines do become habits – I am just awake at 430am myself these days
  • I started implementing routines in my life six months ago and it’s changing everything for me
  • So what routine can you build today?