How Posting on Facebook Every Day for 3+ Months ?

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Hi all,


I’ve got 90 minutes to get this done as per yesterday’s blog post.

I’ve set myself this new target as I ended up writing for over two hours, although I did several things in-between. 

I want to focus on being more productive with this time I have now.

I’ve made it to day 10! That officially means I’ve written for 10 days in a row and I’ve written over 10,000 words.

Something of a milestone, given I only started last week.

And I publicly started.

This has been a huge differentiator in my journey to success – 

When I started waking up at 430am 6+ months ago, I also started getting serious about posting on Facebook.


And posting on Facebook consistently for 3+ months has totally changed my business success:

I felt that the whole 430am gave me something to say (and the 30+ Whatsapp group CAME from a Facebook post in fact) –

And in those last six months, as I’ve been inspired by doing something that is fundamentally damn difficult (and sharing it on Facebook) – momentum has built.


And this is it – the great thing about hard things is that it tends to lead you into doing other hard things in your life.

New habits in the last 6 months:

  • So over the last 6 months, I’ve given up coffee (no flat white/mocha/cappuccino)
  • Switched to Earl Grey tea more 
  • Stopped drinking anything with caffeine content if I can after 4pm, to allow me to sleep better
  • Finally started washing the grapes I eat
  • Reduced my natural sugar intake by around 40-50% (I hope to continue)
  • I’ve reduced my pork and beef intake dramatically (no more sausages and beef burgers in the house) 
  • Reduced cow’s milk intake by 80% and switched to almond/coconut 
  • Introduced chia, fennel, hemp, sunflower seeds and cashews into my daily diet
  • Got rid of weetabix and turned to oats six days a week
  • Bought and completed on two properties (two more pending)
  • Wrote an 80,000 word newsletter
  • Bought a couple of small businesses 
  • Started writing this daily blog.


Get f*cking public about the goals that you set, and feel the urge of public pressure.

I just posted this because I felt motivated by the act of writing just one sentence:


So beyond getting these blogs down to <90 minutes written, I’m now challenging anyone to see if they can be more consistent than me.

That’s scary but in a good way because I know there are some consistent motherf*ckers out there.

But game on, flame on.

And writing daily content I believe is only going to help me sort my thoughts and ideas further still.

But hey, let me get to day 90 and then I’ll really let you know how I feel this journey has gone – I’m not stopping before that I hope (even with the holidays I’ve got that are coming up on the horizon).


So being public has really led me into some other interesting avenues. Strap in – this might be hard to follow:

I’ve made friends with a couple of important people in the SEO space here in the UK, Ross and Craig, which has been awesome.

It’s cool to connect with other SEOs who have a similar mindset to myself, and we connect because we just have a laugh and get along.

Craig has given me some amazing advice and openly said me posting sh*t on Facebook has led to him being impressed by my journey.

Ross is an agency owner like myself – we went for some food, struck it off really well – and he helped me secure a regular show on SEMRush.

This to point out – is actually from what I know SEMRush’s first ‘non-technical show’ but rather focused upon agency scaling.

And then I got approached to jump onto the SEMRush India show (which fortuitously for me needs a new host for it – which is now me)

For which we broke the record for sign ups and attendance for their India show. This has led SEMRush to really support me and I’ve now done my own version of what they call their ‘weekly wisdom’.

So fundamentally I’ve got two shows on SEMRush secured as well as potentially my own independent videos.

This is going to be huge for my brand and exposure to marketers in 2020.

Now – 

You’ll be told a lot of strategies about ‘how to secure joint ventures’, about having meaningful pitches and the like and this all definitely applies – 

Energy, enthusiasm, leading with value, being friends with influential people as well as of course – doing your own good work.

[convertful id=”197358″]

Point in case – here’s the course I’ve done for Pitchground and in a bid to promote Word Pigeon but also provide value:

Here is the course:


Here are the initial comments:


This has led to Content Studio asking if I can do a course for their users (I have an LTD w/Content Studio)


Consequently, I approached Gerard (founder at Find That Lead) with the same proposition:


As well as Lemlist:


Then I approached Leadworx:


Nusii, Docsketch, Youcanbookme, Keywords everywhere



Tomer from Poptin:


And here’s my broader outreach script (which I refined as I went along and is for people I don’t have on Facebook/Whatsapp):


Notice that I’ve said ‘I’m doing courses for X/Y/Z communities’ – until they go live that’s technically still a verbal agreement – but that IS enough to use it as leverage to generate further interest.

And as you can see the rationale is pretty clear as to why it’s of benefit to Nusii’s community.

Now – Lemlist might end up saying no, or they do say yes but then there’s not really a big push OR there is a big push but little impact (this can apply to any of these joint ventures) – but the chances of ALL of them being the same is unlikely.

In this way, they get legitimate value for their companies from someone in the same space who has a track record of success.

And I get further exposure to their network.


I hope all the above makes sense – I appreciate it’s a winding narrative but I leave you with these thoughts:

  1. One thing is better than consistency – public consistency – because when you’re low on motivation – it will push you through
  2. Keep setting stretch goals – it’s ok to fail with them – you’ll win some and that’s progress
  3. What real value can you provide with Joint Ventures – people see through bullsh*t
  4. Practice your craft – I love writing – always have, always will – most of this stuff won’t go anywhere – but all it needs is one post to go viral

Right – let’s do a time check!!!



I hit 1125 words and did it in an hour whilst recording a video and grabbing all screenshots.

Probably reads terribly now, but I have Melanie (my head of content) and Lydia (grammar Nazi) tidy this up by the time you read it, so hopefully, it’s not too twisted.

Until tomorrow 🙂