Three Types Of People EVERY Company Needs To Scale Anything (even if you’re a solopreneur)


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Hey, it’s Deepak Shukla here! Thank you for listening to my podcast – down below you will find the notes and key takeaways from today’s podcast so you can implement them in your everyday life!


Good morning, guys. The time is 6:21am and it’s the 3 November 2021, and I’m actually visiting my parents today. It’s Diwali tomorrow, and I’m set by the gas heater inside, it’s nice and warm, and I’m probably going to pass out in five minutes anyway. That’s all!


By the way, I wanted to talk today about basically having a marketing team around you. So what I mean specifically by that is there’s a couple of things that if you’re building a business that would be really powerful for you to have on contract or paper project or whatever it might be. But like a designer that can either design websites, design images, design posters, design flyers just design stuff in general. 


Then you need a writer for producing content, whether it’s for your blogs, whether it’s for your service pages.

Virtual Assistant

Those two things, I think, are pretty important. And then, outside of having a general virtual assistant to do other stuff in general, I think those three things are mighty.

How To Do It!

And get those three things, for example, from the Philippines. Depending on the contract you negotiate, you could probably spend around seven to $800 per month between all three of them to get per hour or on-demand stuff done. Let’s just even say $1,000.

You’re going to get such a brilliant return when it comes to the actual work that they can do for you. Now, the biggest challenge I think that people often have is what do I do when I’ve got these people when you’re at the early stages of your business, or even if you’re a growing business.

I think that having those elements on tap will allow you to say, you know, I’ve got this idea for this thing. Why don’t you produce some content based upon that? Why don’t you design that and turn that into a website?

Why don’t you gather a list of people for me to call or gather a list of people for me to email?

The Pearl Lemon Way

So if you think about how almost universally applicable that scenario I’ve just outlined for you is, it becomes very apparent that you can basically start things and execute upon things much quicker than anybody else.

And that’s what’s been, I think, really powerful for Pearl Lemon. Our bases are really in the Philippines, in India and also Uganda, to a lesser degree. I don’t think that those things will change at all because of the economic differences and the cost of living in those countries.

[convertful id=”197358″]

It means I can pay people on an income that’s a good income for their economy or potentially even an average income for their economy and provide them, hopefully, with an excellent work environment and the effort you’ll get from such people.

The commitment that you’ll get and also the ROI is absolutely incredible. I think that many of us don’t necessarily get over the hump or get over the curve. So when I say get over the hump, get over the curve, just accepting that much like any hires.

People need training, people need learning, people need time, and people need respect. And then they’ll be in a place where they are happy to work for you.

So a combination of having some structure, a few raw speeches, motivational speeches, and ideas. What is it that you can have them do? What ideas do you want to execute upon?

For example, I thought yesterday, Josh was one of our guys on the sales team, and he’s kind of newer. He just said, oh, you know what? I realised that voice search, or someone’s talking to me about optimising, for example, Alexa in Siri, and I thought about that. And I thought, Why don’t we build a page for voice SEO?

And literally, within 6 hours. The content, 1400 words, was written by Melanie, who’s ahead of internal content, also basically a writer on demand. And she was able to put that together and then kicked it up to our design team. And they said, okay, fantastic. We’ll get this life within 24 hours.

And then, once that’s done, it will go to the SEO team, who will look to build a couple of backlinks to that page to see if we can get it to rank on Google. So we’ve got a bit of a style conveyor belt process, if you will, where someone can give me an idea, and we can execute upon it exceptionally quickly. Equally, I think that the image on the sales team had an idea about, why don’t we call schools. So I think that was kicked up to potentially the lead generation team.

And now we should have, I think, a list of people that I could call to see if we could sell sales training programmes to schools.

And equally, even last week I did a couple of hours of research and discovered there’s, like, over 100 keywords that are a low competition that we could build for rank for sales. Nine of those pages, I think, are now written. The website is already live.

The pages have been designed and published, and by Monday, the SEO team will start the journey of ranking it. And that’s all because of the conveyor belt process.

Guys, I hope this makes sense. This is the power of getting some kind of resources that can help you build anything. All right. Have a good day. Catch you tomorrow.

Key Takeaways

  • Having a team of a designer, writers, and virtual assistants will allow you to turn your ideas into reality.
  • Get the resources you need to help you build anything!
  • With these additional resources and people they can create new ideas.