How To Hire A Development Company

How To Hire A Development Company

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Morning all – the time is:

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I want to walk through my current hiring process in regards to finding a ‘No-Code’ development team

In a previous article, I spoke about my desire to build a development team and the essential nightmares I’ve had when it comes to getting a product as well as a team I’m happy with.

Most recently I’ve changed my strategy and I wanted to dive into it a little further.

Right now – the challenge I’m having is that ultimately no one is giving me an end product I’m happy with.

Of course – development isn’t something I do, and development is complex. There’s a real argument of ‘stick to your strengths’ or even ‘stick to areas that have less complexity and you could likely see more success.

This could be media websites or ultimately exploring eCommerce.

Media websites I’m working upon – and eCommerce I’ve come to realize isn’t quite something that interests me.

So with this in mind – it’s with development I’m here to stay.

As it stands – there are currently multiple tools and teams I’m working with (none have a complete product yet)

  • Send Koala
  • Serpwizz
  • Upform
  • Lemclouds
  • Lemlinks & Lemvids
  • Lemnumbers
  • Lemclosers
  • Lemjobs

To spread my bets there are 8 different teams involved within this – and what I want to do is underline the ‘recruitment/hiring/partnership search process’ for all of these folks:

Send Koala – Indie Hackers post talking about my desire to find a company to work in a partnership with a company that was comfortable enough to joint venture.

Upform – again another Indiehackers post that has led to this collaboration

Lemclouds – Indie Hackers again!

Serpwizz – a Facebook post explaining I was on the lookout for a development team to partner with

Lemlinks and Lemvids – a chrome developer I found via Upwork, on a salary to develop our Chrome plugins

Lemnumbers – an Upwork hire that has kicked off the campaign to build this tool

Lemclosers – a Facebook group for no-code developers that I put a job post out on!

Lemjobs – a no-code website that I put a job out on as well

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My point is – is this –

I’m searching far and wide and have ongoing relationships with all of the people above in a bid to develop a consistent set of tools that I can grow. As it stands currently – none of them have left me with a robust working tool that users are happy with and I can take to market.

There is promise in all of them – but I’m spreading my bets as widely as I can and trying to establish a relationship which will see me to success.

Here’s some general advice about how to get teams on board/how to hire and all:

  1. Explain your vision over the long-term to each of the teams you work with
  2. Offer them options in terms of ‘money/equity/otherwise’
  3. Demonstrate your industry expertise or your ability to drive a result through your network (make this part self-evident)
  4. Move quickly
  5. Negotiate everything

Now the above is a very high level guide to it all – but I want to identify some further interesting things of note:

  • Make all the ideas align with something that you already are passively working on – or have a network for
  • If it’s niches that you know you’re going to stick with over the long term than there’s no reason why you can’t get started on building content and the brand anyway

Hiring/working with a development team or individuals is arguably something I’m excellent or terrible at because I’m managing to maintain 8-different working relationships that have nothing to do with my day job.

All of these partnerships could ultimately fail – I’m hopeful however that between all 8-of them – we could at the very least come up with one idea that could become a 7-figure ARR business.

A couple of things in my mind show most promise:

  1. No Code development seems easiest to build
  2. Upwork and Facebook groups seem to be the most promising platforms
  3. Talking to my hiring team or rather recording training around how I’ve identified solid teams is something I need to do more of

Anyway – I hope this helps!

Catch you tomorrow!