The Challenging Nature Of Waiting For Development

The Challenging Nature Of Waiting For Development

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Morning all,

Sun 6 Feb

I’m working on trying to speed up development across the board and I’m still at loggerheads with the entire process.

You’ll see the same in my discussion with Kaushal below:

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I think he typifies it best when he mentions that ‘it’s not like the way you work normally’.

This probably is the biggest challenge I have with development at the moment – that it doesn’t move at the pace I’m used to moving.

The common trope with development is that ‘good development’ takes time. We’ve already proven that when it comes to the front end of building websites in WordPress or otherwise – they do take time and effort – but can be whipped up relatively quickly.

The way this has happened is a consequence of it being easier than development – but also having an effective and agile team who work in harmony to get things done.

It’s come after 2 years of working at it – with Kaushal, Yelena, Ali and now Anushka the newest addition to the team.

We’re still working to improve ourselves – and the challenge with this all perhaps is that I don’t have the equivalent development team who can build things at the speed I want.

It’s a challenge to work with partners and also to work according to their speed and timeline to make things happen.

It explains why there was been a headlong launch into no-code and seeing what fruits that brings us.

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Today’s frustration comes from the great potential that Serpwizz – an SEO audit tool has – and how slow and staggered the development has been in terms of what I’m hoping for.

We’ve received mixed feedback from users because of this and with a development team who will often disappear – it’s a real challenge to turn this into the kind of SaaS tool I want.

When your development team just stops responding to messages for a week at a time there is not much you can do.

However – let’s walk through the steps I’m putting into place to make sure 2022 will be much better than 2021 when it comes to development:

  • Hiring a full-time student to attempt to build no-code tools for Pearl Lemon
  • Hired 6 ‘no-code’ development teams to attempt to build different tools
  • Upform is underway with Inkyy
  • Lemclouds begins this month
  • Serpwizz – I go into holding mode for 3 months whilst I coax Shripad into continuing to develop the tool
  • Usman develops Lemvid and Lemlinks

These are ‘things’ that are currently in progress.

Well, I guess at this stage it’s just a case of being patient and seeing how all of the above unfolds over the next 3-months.

One thing is for sure – writing about it is very helpful to my sense of progress with it because I end up actioning things on the basis of this blog itself!

Catch you later!