Is This a Journal or a Blog?


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Hey all,


I’ve made an important decision about how I’m going to think about this blog. I’m going to rename it a journal.

Because let’s be honest.

I’m not doing any of this for ‘SEO’ or for ‘Traffic’ but rather I’m doing this to help clear my mind and to figure things out in my head.

So historically I’ve spoken about how I’m trying to build this blog and what my plans for growth are all based on what I have read Sujan Patel has done with this personal blog.

But let’s be honest – I just enjoy talking about what’s going on in my mind right now.

I think a lot of that is due to spend as much time as I do alone – so writing gives me an outlet to really share what’s happening inside my mind.

So, in writing about whatever is happening in my life – I have the opportunity to figure solutions out literally as I write and then ultimately take inspired action.

As my writing coach Chris mentioned – writing is a keystone habit for me – and it’s the stream-of-consciousness nature of it that I massively enjoy – which is exactly what is happening right now.

I was actually discussing this with Kamran (our head of AI Content) – about how I wish to build my blog – and he also pointed out this:

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As you can see from the elements in red that have been highlighted – there are some things that need to happen to have my blog go viral.

What I love about writing each day (and I’ll do my best to demonstrate it here) – is that literally – each time I start writing it’ll generate a whole series of actions.

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Let me walk through what those actions are here:

  • I’ve asked Kamran to SEO keywords I could write for blogs based upon his experience of having read over 50 of my blogs

Yesterday I said this to him:

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Now having just RE-READ the above – particularly the ‘I’ll consider other mediums’ – it led me back to thinking about all of the content I have in video format that should be going out regularly on YouTube.

So then I sent my head of HR this note:

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As I want to have an editor that will repurpose a lot of the old content for YouTube.

So ultimately what I’ll do – is mostly focus on writing whatever comes top of mind me that I wish to write about.

Then every now and again I’ll also MAYBE write something with a little more SEO intent – with Kamran’s keywords at least I’ll have that option.

The conclusion of this rambling sprawl of a blog (or journal entry – yes journal entry) is this – I’ll continue doing the thing I enjoy most – which is writing…

But I’ll also find ways to build an audience –

For example (another thing I just asked):

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Right – that’s a wrap for today.

I feel that even within this stream of consciousness that there are a couple of strategies that can keep the boat moving forward…

It’ll just be 3x (a little like development) slower than I would have liked.

So instead of a 2-year journey – may be the growth of this blog will need 6 years.

Let’s find out!