How To Scale Your Blog Growth Using The Lean Startup Method

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Afternoon all,

Sun 31 Oct

I was watching Adam Enfroy’s course ‘Blog Growth Machine’ and heard something that really caught my attention when it comes to how to think about your work.

In this instance we’re going to take the example of this blog.

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re a regular reader – is that I blog pretty regularly – and my topics I kind of decide right before (or sometimes as I’m) writing them.

This means there’s always varying topics but ultimately upon reflection – they’ll always be centred around business more or less.

And each blog I’ll write for up to a maximum of 30 minutes and then it’s done.

Usually I’ll write for between 16 – 22 minutes and then it’s a wrap with the blog lasting around 500-800 words.

If you look back at some of my older content from a year ago – I was writing 5,000 word pieces at a time.

Without knowing it – having watched parts of this course – I’m following the ‘Lean Startup Method’.

How exactly is this happening?

Well – before I used to write 2-5,000 word pieces and put tons of effort into them without seeing a return. It didn’t scale well and I couldn’t quickly draw a line between the content I was writing and any ROI.

So – rather than spending 1 week writing 2-3 pieces of content. Why not spend 1-week writing 5 pieces of content (an 80-100% increase).

This will give me 80-100% more chances of finding a blog that’s going to be a ‘smash hit’ for the Google algorithm. Based upon this I can then do the following:

  • Write more content that’s in the same niche as the top performing blog
  • Choose to update that content and turn it into a monster blog

Statistically – by spreading my bets I have a much greater chance of succeeding rather than pouring masses of effort into fewer blogs.

This would mean I’d need more time to see success, more time invested and ultimately a net lower result.

So lately, my volume of content has exploded as I’m in search of viral hits.

Ultimately – as long as you remain consistent then over time you will undoubtedly see success – but with this method it’s likely to come much faster.

To a degree – you can apply the same thing at a bigger scale when it comes to making business bets.

I.e try 5 things with 20% effort per segment and then try to identify the subtle signs from each unit that can lead to much more success with some more effort.

The challenge (in general) with single focus – is no doubt with enough focus on one topic and enough effort you will see success ultimately.

But the reality of this is that:

  • You get bored
  • You lose focus
  • You lose faith

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Whereas if you constantly pivot you may well just uncover diamonds.

Using this 20-minute publication method –


You’ll see that I’m able to publish almost daily at times whilst still running the company.

All that’s needed is 1 blog to take off – and publishing 5x per week then reviewing the data will offer me that ability to figure it out.

If we expand this out – to a degree I’m on the same path with the Pearl Lemon Group –

  • Pearl Lemon
  • Pearl Lemon Leads
  • Pearl Lemon Accountants
  • Pearl Lemon Web
  • Pearl Lemon PR
  • Pearl Lemon Recruitment
  • Pearl Lemon Sales

All of these websites are at different stages of their growth and rather than putting all of my efforts into one website –

I’m choosing to put my resources into these other sites – not to mention Send Koala and Serpwizz.

Anyway – I feel that I’ve made my point.

Take 10 low-key rolls of the dice rather than one – and look for the breakout/emergent winner and then that’ll change everything that you do moving forward.