Building An A.I Content Startup Studio

Building An A.I Content Startup Studio

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Morning guys.


Well here’s today’s time and date.

And it feels good to be back and back writing again. 

Today I want to talk about how we’re building an A.I startup studio from scratch.

So a few months (or maybe a year?) back the SEO community got excited about the commercial release of A.I tools.

Ultimately these are tools that are able to generate content that is written like a human.

There are all kinds of usecases for such tools – and the one we’re most interested in is using them to write blog content.

I didn’t think too much of the entire niche in general until one of my team sent across a Twitter thread about someone who was generating $25,000 per month using just A.I content – which was incredible to me.

With this in mind the brainwave quickly came…why not start an A.I driven website all by ourselves?

So the idea is simply this:

  1. What are we aiming to do? > Build a high-traffic website using completely A.I generated content
  2. Determine what kind of content can A.I accurately produce?
  3. Research and test out the various A.I writing tools (there are many) to see which one is fit for purpose
  4. Identify a niche where there are lots of opportunity from a keyword perspective to produce content that can be written (excellently) by A.I
  5. Then build out a website with the following steps in place:
    1. Do the necessary keyword research for niches
    2. Register a domain, design a free logo
    3. Put together a website with 100k to 500k words 
    4. All blogs should have images with each blog post that are also optimized for SEO
    5. Launch with 3-months of foundational SEO done – (i.e all onpage as well as web 2.0 links and any internal links we can point out to these sites from our own authority sites)
    6. Put an exit intent popup on the website to capture marketing optin’s from day 1
    7. Write a standardised simple 3-step email marketing campaign asking: 1. What content would you like to see on our website? 2. What problems in this space did you wish there was a better solution for? 3. How do you think we could add value to our website?
    8. Create a Facebook group for people to join
  6. Leave these websites for 3-months and do NOTHING to them to see what happens. 
  7. Repeat this process for 4 websites per month (so 1-per week)
  8. Check in on each website after 3-months to see what result has been driven to the website
  9. Based upon the result determine to do one of the following:
    1. Sell the website on a deal flipping website
    2. Turn on Ezoic if it’s generating a significant amount of traffic
    3. Tweak the on-page SEO accordingly to it’s search traffic on the top 10 performing pages
    4. POTENTIALLY Add eCommerce to the website
    5. POTENTIALLY Add a gated/premium content section on the website
    6. If the website shows some promise – build some higher quality links to the website 
    7. Do nothing. Leave the website another 3 months to see what happens
    8. Build sites for clients as a service (e.g we have a client who sells diamonds – we could build a site to support his journey in theory)
    9. Sell the sites for our clients
    10. Build new sites for those who wish to do the same thing

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So in short – these are the steps we’re following to ultimately build an A.I Content Startup Studio. 

Some other thoughts on this:

You’ll need a team who can drive this – in our case I’ve put together a team of 3 directors – with another 3-4 supporting. So our overall team (including myself is 8 people).

That team will need to be comprised of – writers, SEOs, a project manager and a designer. All will need to have some level of experience of skill in this space.


If you can amass all of the above then doing this at scale (from Day 1) which is what I’m attempting to do – is possible.

However you can chose to also (and that’s the beauty of this) do it entirely alone.

As you can see I’m aiming to do 4 per month. If you focus on just one-website – there’s no reason why you can’t do the entire thing alone.

The tools are available and all relatively inexpensive – excluding the cost for your time you’ll need less than $200 per month all in to get things right (assuming you’ve got all of the requisite knowledge and/or you’re willing to learn!).

The possibilities for this and what you can do with A.I content is of course incredible. This is already making me see I can cut down on CERTAIN kinds of content costs and invest into other areas.

E.g why can’t I now ‘scale’ our content writing services for clients – especially if the content is written well and Google see’s value in it?

In this short time we’ve already discovered the various challenges with A.I content (which will no double continue) – it’s NOT simply a case of plugging in a keyword and then letting it do the rest.

You need to prepare proper content brief’s with paragraph by paragraph focus titles and keywords and often examples of the content you need. Then even after setting up all of these inputs you can discover upon reading…that it doesn’t read right.

So this is something we’re grappling with at the moment – and employ a35% burn rate where 3.5 pieces of content out of 10 won’t be fit for task so we need to ditch that focus keyword and move onto another one!

Anyway. I’m excited to see how this journey develops – so I’ll check in with you at some point down the line and let you know where I get with this!

If you want us to build something for you potentially than head over to and talk to one of my team – best way to reach me on this!

Until tomorrow 🙂