Updates on our A.I Content Studio

Updates on our A.I Content Studio

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Morning all,

Time and Date

Here is the time and I thought I’d share with you what’s happening in the world of our A.I content studio.

So we’ve identified multiple niches in which we’re going to be building content which are:

  • Car finance
  • Freelancing insights
  • T-shirt selling
  • Pallets
  • Cats
  • Plants

We’re also rolling out A.I content across some of our main sites to see what happens.

We’ve set aggressive growth goals for all of our websites.

Something in the region of each site launching with 500k words for all of our blogs and then doing 3-months of SEO without doing any blogger outreach and just using web 2.0 links. It’s going to be an interesting time in terms of seeing what we can achieve over the next 12-weeks.

It’s ridiculous to think we started this journey less than one month ago:

Whatsapp Group Info

And already so much progress has been with the team efforts and the general direction of our work.

It’s interesting to see what happens when you apply energy to a particular space of your work.

These (since last week) are the things that have happened:

  1. I’ve asked the team to load up all of our A.I websites into Ahrefs, Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that all of them can be tracked
  2. Every Friday there’ll be an update about what’s happening with all of these websites via video from the head of strategy and the head of content
  3. We’re identifying other A.I tools or otherwise to help scale the process – for example we’ve just purchased Duply from Appsumo for $79 so that we can automate image creation
  4. Kamran has identified a free tool to publish content to multiple WordPress websites
  5. We’re investigating tools that allow for content syndication so that we can push blogs to web 2.0 properties automatically

We’ve already identified a quality of content problem and we’re taking aggressive action to try and resolve this:

Whatsapp Message

As you can see there’s a meeting happening with the head of A.I as well as the head of A.I content to figure out how to resolve this issue with content.

[convertful id=”197358″]

I’ve (as you can see above) have given my ideas as to the resolution of this issue as best as I can think of at least.

Equally – at the same time I’ve made my ambitions clear to the Head of our content startup studio Kamran:

Whatsapp Message

There’s alot of energy being poured into this project – but we also have a strong team for this.

The team mixture is this:

Kamran – Head of the overall team – who has strong expertise in SEO and is keen on continual learning and development to try and solve our current problems

Lokesh – Head of the content production team – who has strong Pearl Lemon experience and understands the cadence of the team and need to get things done quickly

Oni – Head of the content team management – who oversees his own content as well as the other three writers that are involved

Kaushal – Technical consultant – he’s actually our head of design and development and is there as a resource for Lokesh/Kamran if they face any challenges in relation to website creation or otherwise

The entire team is then made up of 7 people currently – which is a solid place in which to move.

Let’s see what the next week brings in terms of growth!