My journey in building a gaming studio

My journey in building a gaming studio

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Morning all,

Date and Time

I’m a little worried because I’m meant to have hired a team to build games for Roblox by now – but I’ve not made the most concerted effort with building this out.

I’ve also discovered that having taken a brief look at Roblox itself – I know zero about how to even use the platform.

Valentina – my accountability coach is due to get an update from me today as to my progress with Roblox but I’ve not yet found my team.

The market is more unstructured than the Bubble community which is actually relatively well developed.

Anyway – I’m writing about this because I’m determined to pick this thread up again – I don’t want to let it just die or fall by the wayside.

So here are some of the thoughts that are going through my mind at the moment.

  • I probably should watch at least one introduction to Roblox course – let me book that in right now

I’ve identified a short tutorial on the platform – here:

Short Tutorial

I’ve also added this into my calendar:

[convertful id=”197358″]

My Calendar

The next step is to actually sign up to Roblox and attempt to play a game/understand the interface some more:

My Calendar

I’ve also scheduled some time out for that also.

I think this is going to be important because I realised I’ve never used the platform before and apparently, I want to build a gaming studio for the platform.

Part of me is wondering whether that’s a terrible idea but regardless – I need to do some of the basic research to figure this out.

Outside of this – I could consider games on other platforms – e.g mobile games or otherwise which is a consideration.

In my gut, however – I’ve never really played mobile games that much – but again it’s something I just need to research fundamentally.

I’ve got a couple more minutes before my 20-minute countdown clock runs out

Count Down Clock

And then I’m going to wrap up for the morning.

So then – let’s run through some of my additional thoughts:

  • Having an accountability coach in the shape of Valentina is excellent because it means I keep focused upon activities that are important to me such as the gaming studio
  • Combining this with the keystone habit such as writing means it helps me drive activity as discussed + NEW activity forward (e.g the two calendar events to learn Roblox myself today)
  • Already my mind is considering – that I probably need to do the same for Bubble the no-code development platform – but I’ll write something up about this in tomorrow’s blog to keep it top of mind
  • I also would like to write about each of the new tools I’m trying to build because it’ll help cement actions I can attach to each of them

So. I’m wrapping up now as I’ve hit the 20-minute mark – and the next step is looking at potentially other ways to build a gaming studio over ANOTHER 20-minute sprint.

Let’s goooooo (and catch you folks tomorrow!)