How to Build New Habits and Live Extremely Powerfully?

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Hello guys

This is the time right now – and I’ve got until 5am before the next part of my schedule starts.

A lot has actually changed even since day 1 of writing this blog – and I want to share my journey since I last wrote with you.

So Covid-19 decimated my business when I lost 13 clients but it’s also opened up many more opportunities for me.

Fundamentally – this short guide (but also journal) is written for anyone who is interested in behaviour change in micro and ultimately macro ways.

I’ll briefly walk you through what has happened and what it entails –

First, of it all, my habit and routine change began with the desire to build my agency back up.

So I downloaded a book Tom Roze a friend of mine recommended to me – 

The book itself is quite involved and it’s slow going – the actions are quite involved but I’m definitely still learning a lot from reading it on Kindle.

But a particular section of the book stood head and shoulders above anything else:

So these were the two pages that totally blew my mind – ultimately the habits of billionaire’s – with many of them not even using email or mobile.

I LIVE on social media as well as mobile and email.

I thought – well – I got to do what billionaire’s do – and so having read something that. I found to be so incredibly profound I took action. Massive action.

I also contacted two friends of mine whom both are making more money than I am – Ross Tavendale and Craig Campbell to get some insights on them for how they manage social media.

They both are extremely careful in managing their time such that they don’t live in a reactive state.

And I realised that I was constantly posting on social media, checking messages at any time of the day I felt like it – and so I’ve gone a massive ‘habit change’  bender.

Bender referring to the alcoholic types that some people journey upon.

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Here are the actions I decided to take:

I immediately uninstalled Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Soundcloud, Quora from my phone. I actually quickly realised the reason I’d not succeeded with this last time was because I lost half of my contacts in my diary.

But given I’m not a billionaire or even a millionaire in annual revenue or personal net-worth – I needed to make this work.

That led me to syncing my contacts from my email to my phone and THEN deleting my email – my work email that is [email protected].

However, I needed to keep my personal gmail on to keep the phone functioning.

But upon Ross’s sharing of his mobile phone screen – I kept going:

These are my two new homepage screens.

The only two screens I kept – and I’ve done my best to wipe off ALL of the non-essentials from my screens.

In my quest for digital minimalism.

Removing all of those applications so I was forced to check them only via my desktop (in the one week I’ve been doing this)…

Has already led to a MUCH MORE peaceful life.

I’m out of time because I’ve hit 5am.

But I do enjoy these 20-minute sprints – maybe I’ll block one out daily now let’s see!

Catch you tomorrow 🙂