How To REALLY Build A Second Business (and other ramblings)

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Morning all,

I’m in a bit of a strange place because I’ve been working hard for probably the last 2-3 months to make myself redundant from Pearl Lemon.

What I mean by this – is working to remove myself from the day to day runnings of the business.

The biggest key has been to get account managers to come in who can manage clients.

Before – I was too heavily involved with clients and it was something I just got used to doing so much – that now I’m stepping back….

I’ve forgotten what it was like to NOT manage clients.

The summer has been incredibly challenging for me.

It was a period in which the lead generation business grew significantly and then it involved me doing cold calls, me trying to figure out how to deliver leads to our clients and generally working hours upon hours to get things done.

And in many respects – not with a lot of success either.

It’s been interesting seeing how many people have come and gone in a bid to try and make the company stronger.

Thankfully we’re at a stage now where I believe we’ve found some of the key players within the business.

But – moving on to the main point of this blog –

One of the things I REALLY want to focus upon is building an inbound funnel of leads for the new business lines.

So with this in mind – let’s think about EXACTLY how I can go about achieving that….

First of all –

Which are the business lines I’m referring to?

  1. Pearl Lemon Sales
  2. Pearl Lemon PR
  3. Pearl Lemon Recruitment
  4. Pearl Lemon Accountants
  5. Pearl Lemon Properties
  6. Pearl Lemon Web

Other brands

  1. Plant Sumo
  2. Send Koala
  3. Serpwizz
  4. Lemforms
  5. Lemvids

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What is a simple way to grow these businesses?

Let’s treat this as a brainstorming session –

  • Prepare 6 different cold email campaigns for these business units.
  • 50 emails per day per business unit
  • Hire a dedicated inbound commission closer to deal with leads that come in

In many respects perhaps this is the simplest way to build up these business lines.

The cold email campaigns will generate leads of some kind – and then it’ll be the job of the commission based closer to work to close these leads.

This could definitely be a cost-effective way to build these businesses to begin with.

HOWEVER, keeping this in mind – there’s a couple of things I DEFINITELY need to make happen –

  • I need to shut myself off from my main ‘day-to-day’ business
  • I need to give that team time to figure things out for themselves
  • I need to operate as if my life depends upon making these new businesses work

I don’t know if I’m in a place yet where I can aggressively focus upon these other businesses but I definitely need to get myself there because currently I’m not working upon them effectively enough.

With this in mind here’s what the plan will be for next week –

  • To have a discussion with all of the team leaders so that they can run everything themselves without me involved at all.
  • Map out the innovations Google sheet and use that to communicate new ideas
  • Send email without ever checking my inbox for the entire week
  • Then work as hard as I possibly can to not message anybody (which I continually fail at)


This currently is the biggest challenge of the business for me – stepping away so that I can actually focus on building up the revenue on another side of the business.

What this will begin with is generating leads and having someone (ideally myself to start) to follow up with the leads as they come in.

I guess in the writing of this blog the most obvious challenge in aiming to ‘really’ build a second business is this >

I need to let go of the first business with this in mind >

  • Things will be different in my absence
  • The pressure will slow down
  • Mistakes will happen
  • Profit will dip

But that also:

  • The team will get stronger
  • They will get used to not having me around
  • Clients will never know I exist

These are all fabulous things –

So in essence the true challenge is just ‘letting go’ of some of the Pearl Lemon Brands so I can REALLY step into the frame of building out the OTHER brands as quickly as possible!