June 3rd – Back At It

June 3rdBack At It

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Here’s the time –

Thu 3 June

Hi all – I’m back at it again after taking a break for a couple of weeks. It feels weird to be back again.

If you’re just joining me now – than you’ll discover that I have been writing daily since Jan 1st without taking a break of more than 2 days at any one time (if that).

So for around 4 months I’ve been writing away consistently.

It was something that I set out to keep going with for the whole year.

As my writing coach Chris and I had discussed – writing was/is a keystone habit for me.

However, after writing consistently for 4 months without any significant visible return – I decided to give it up as I was getting tired of it – and no longer enjoying it.

That was what prompted me to stop writing for a couple of weeks. I also stopped recording videos.

In general – you could say – from Jan-April I went on a pretty robust content rampage – producing tons of content.

Perhaps even in May in fact. Between April and May I recorded over 150 videos or something like this.

Now that I’m coming back to it after a couple weeks away – it’s fantastic to see that at least from a referring domains and organic keyword perspective – we seem to be headed in the right direction.

Website Details

We (over the last 4 months) have ripped deepakshukla.com to pieces.

All the old SEO backlinks and pages have been redirected to my agency website – and now Google is beginning to recognise the new direction the site is headed in.

Organic Keywords

This is the saving grace of my return because I’m finding it difficult to etch out the wordcount and work as industriously as I did just two weeks ago.

But time has revealed again and again that great things come from small steps.

So that’s the step that I’m making today.

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Just unloading my stream of consciousness as a means of getting back to my flow space.

As ever, in my world – in the last couple of weeks there’s been so much that has changed.

Let me (as best as I can) try and list through the changes:

  • Hired a full-time developer for Pearl Lemon
  • Launched our first Chrome Plugin, in the process of building a couple more
  • Finished the Pearl Lemon Accountant website ready for marketing
  • Hired 5 new people with a view to all of them going full-time (some of them already are)
  • Dealt with the transition of some key individuals and adjusting to that

These are probably the main new things I’d say.


I think, actually – this is all I have to share.

I can also tell you about some of the things I’m excited about:

  • Investing in and growing the team
  • Getting a Windows machine to learn Windows optimization to better help my team
  • Scaling our inbound leads further still
  • Beginning to develop retention with some of our lead-generation clients

In other news –

I’m going to get back on the bandwagon by recording videos as well.

It’s nice to see videos continually being posted and the channels growing whilst I’ve not been working on it as well.

Anyway…..I’m out of steam today.

I’ll go again tomorrow – it’s good to be back!