Things I Would Like To Get Back Into Doing

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Morning all,

The time is 6.50 am on Sun 28th August.

It’s nice to get back into writing again.

I find it a most comforting place. 

As time passes, I find being around people more and more tiresome.

It’s weird to think that a decade ago – all I enjoyed was actually being around people – and now I value the time I spend with myself the most.

There are a few people that I’ll always have time for, and that’s my partner and my parents. 

On a regular basis that is.

There are others that I’ll see from time to time – but it could never become a daily occurrence.

I spoke about this with my life coach Valentina.

As the years and months have passed, I’ve watched my life change as I run in the direction of my goals.

To be incredibly financially successful and to have several businesses that I can be proud of.

It upsets me when I reflect too much upon where I am for more than a moment because I still realise how much further I have to travel.

Anyway, I think this all comes to mind because I met up with an old friend Michael yesterday, and it made me think about my life’s direction – as determined by my keystone habits.

I need to be more consistent with waking up early. Today I did wake up at 430am, and I’ve been active since I awoke – but I’m not consistent enough with waking up at the same time each morning.

Mike said to me – I should read about ‘Mamba mentality from one of Mike’s inspiring people he reads/watches – Kobe Bryant.

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I’m going to look it up at some point – but it does make me consider a whole range of thoughts that tear through my mind, and I struggle to articulate them really well.

But I’ll do my best to try and walk through them:

  • I don’t (as of yet) have the outstanding success that I’m looking for when it comes to my finances
  • Outside of my agency – I haven’t as of yet really made another business work

It’s probably the second thing that irks me the most because lord knows I’ve been trying to resolve that

But anyway – today isn’t about that.

Today is just about making sure I keep putting pen to paper.

I forgot how damn hard it is to get over the inertia and start building new habits.

The habit I’m referring to here is writing.

To think I used to write up to 2,000 words per day and focus upon that feels like another lifetime.

DS Blog

That was maybe 20 months ago.

Fast-forward to today, right here and right now – I guess the big thing is to be even writing. Video has grown so much as a medium that it feels silly even to take the time to write

I’m less than 10 minutes into writing this blog, and already I feel like I’m being pulled away. Pulled away to do different things and generally avoided asking my brain to focus on one thing.

But the important thing is that I got over the hill.

So yes, just now, I’m tired (I think I’ll go back to bed for a nap) because I’m finding focusing on anything at all to be difficult.

It’s interesting to see how tired my brain is even for this period of focus.

Anyway – until next time!