A Commitment To Giving Up Coffee (and why I’m making this pledge)

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Hey all,

It’s 1605 on the 13th October and I’ve just come out of my second meditation session with Ana the Mexican (and Mexico City-based) yoga and meditation accountability coach.

We’re now doing sessions 2-3x per week 20 minutes at a time.

One of the subjects that came up (and I talk about my journey with ‘attempted’ meditation here) – led by me – is my desire to ‘kick coffee’.

So as effective now – I’m going to do away with having coffee for the next 24 hours and either drink no coffee or no tea whatsoever or at the worst drink tea.

What I’ll aim to do in the morning when I get the ‘warm beverage’ and ‘coffee spike’ pangs – I’ll replace this with hot water and lemon.

Although to some degree it’s probably worth experimenting to find something that could actually replace coffee.

Something that has a natural effect on the body to help keep me awake in the mornings.

Per my discussion with my meditation coach – what came out of it was that I don’t feel tired even when I’ve only slept (sometimes) for 4 or 5 hours. Frankly – I think that’s a nonsense belief that will drive me into perpetual sleep deprivation.

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I wonder if I’m so deprived I don’t even know the difference anymore.

Regardless of what it MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be – the truth is – I do get my lift with 3 shots of espresso before 2pm (and then tea’s will bleed over).

So then, it must be my natural ability to just need less sleep than the average person (bolloccccccks).

Or rather – could it be the three shots of espresso before 2pm that keeps me perky?

Either way – what’s clear here is that the three shots of espresso are playing their part in keeping me bright and perky and this is something I’d love to see come to an end which is why I’m making this declaration to see if I can kick the caffeine.


Btw – a couple of days have passed since I started this blog.

This is the time right now.

What’s brilliant is that I’ve not actually drunk any coffee since then – and this morning I actually did go out for my usual morning jaunt…

Only to come back with a cup of tea rather than a coffee.

So now I’m 48 hours into it…

And by Jove I’d like to hit 2 years. No pressure then – go from 2 days to 2 years lol.

So the reason behind doing this isn’t that complicated.

The less caffeine I have the better – and alongside this – it’s a decent test of willpower to see where I end up with this from a mental strength perspective.

So Lydia, I think somewhere on my blogs some Eons ago I wrote about giving up coffee – so you can link back to that – and hey ho off I go :).

Catch you on the next one!