What To Do When Your Mind’s All Over The Place


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Morning all,

Fri 1 Oct

Today I’m having one of those mornings where I’m wondering to myself if I know what the hell I’m doing in general.

With this in mind – I thought I’d write a blog about it all to help you folks by sharing my insights into what I do when ‘your mind is all over the place.

First of all – in this instance – let me describe what’s happened –

I went out for my morning walk and instead spoke to Semil about something that’s quite stressful for me – working out how we’re going to manage things from an SEO perspective going forward.

That turned into quite an intense meeting – naturally so because I’ve been unhappy with a couple of things that have happened within the SEO team and as a consequence we’re discussing potentially changing personnel.

As I’ve seen – when things are on my mind – it means my normal routine (i.e reading in the morning as well as writing like I am right now) – becomes a struggle.

Therefore let me talk you through my literal steps with ‘what to do when your minds all over the place’.

Get it all out all on paper!

All on paper

Naturally this is why I also write each morning because it’s a good way of communicating my thoughts when they’re all jumbled together.

So in no particular order now I’m going to braindump everything that’s on my mind (and then walk through the net steps)

  • I need to manage the QI relationship even when I’m away for long periods (my plan is that I’ll gain their confidence over the next couple of weeks and then I’ll introduce Gary)
  • GM as a client are unhappy and I’ve given Gary and Lydia a process for which they need to follow to manage that and then deal with the fallout after
  • I need to recognise that the SEO team are adjusting to my new requirements and overall actually doing quite well as Semil pointed out – they are learning more about client facing work, they are improving their reporting and in the main they’re getting better and better on a weekly basis which is fantastic and I’m not always appreciative of this
  • I need to get more web development projects booked in the diary otherwise I can’t afford to pay the whole web-dev team so I’m focussing the spears of the SDR’s in that direction
  • I’ve got an American realty client who Jay is beginning to book for regularly

As you write it all down it’ll leave your brain and you’ll feel calmer

Write All Down

This is what I’m noticing just from writing it down myself.

It’s calming to get all of your thoughts out from your mind and onto paper.

As I’ve written some things have begun to make more sense to me as I see them written down on paper

It also – by mere virtue of writing it down – forces me to organise it in a certain manner so that from the chaos that’s in my mind – order begins to materialise.

Don’t stop writing until you feel it’s all out

Don't Stop Writing

This is an important point – and I’ve actually returned to that bulletpoint list a couple of times to add bits to it.

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You’ll know when the time is right because your cortisol levels will drop slightly as you begin to order and organise your thoughts appropriately and things will begin to make sense.

Outside of this blog I’ve already taken several actions to start to fix things and have fired several messages out to work upon it – which is really helping.

Take a deep breath before you do any of the above

Deep Breath

This is something that I actually didn’t do but wish I did because I’m doing it now and it certainly would have helped when I started writing but c’est la vie.

Deep breaths help oxygenate your body and help with getting blood to your brain which helps you think more clearly.

That explanation btw might be scientifically so wrong – but we know the reality behind breathing deeply to be positive in terms of stress and anxiety – so it’s a great immediate ‘go-to-tool’ if you’re feeling all over the place.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Nothing much more than what I’ve written out above.

I’d also keep hold of the things that you write out because if you can internalise this process (which is what I’m trying to do through the act of writing this down) – you’ll know exactly what to do the next time your mind is all over the place and you need to ‘take a minute’.

Well, as I’ve discovered from writing up this piece of content – what you need to do is ‘take a moment and put whatever is into your mind onto paper’.

It’s like a form of self-therapy – which is exactly what writing is for me 🙂