What the Way of the Wolf Can Teach Us About Sales

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Morning guys,


And I’m back here to get after it.

Just finished reading Jocko Willink’s daily routine last night before bed and it’s made me realise the need for greater discipline in my life.

Still so much to do….

And that’s why reading is feeling so valuable to me now – it’s unlocking new room for personal and professional growth.

In this instance, we move to the next sales book I’ve just completed – 

Jordan Belfort’s cracker about Straight Line Selling

Straight Line Selling

This book is densely packed with value in its 7.5 hours or so. It is definitely a book that’s worth coming back to as Belfort has his own language and codification for everything he has developed over time.

It’s the first time I’ve listened to someone from the last couple that I’ve read and I’ve felt like ‘I’m truly learning from a master’.

Let’s take a look at my Zenkit list and determine the biggest learnings from this one:


Looking at this list – ‘state change’ before a sales conversation by way of visualisation was a powerful one for me.

Jordan details how important it is to visualise a key victory from your career and use it as a vehicle to change your state of mind and being right before important moments – like when you’re about to get on a sales call.

Jordan’s Main Points

The visualisation he breaks down into a decent amount of depth:

main points jordan

And these are the key components to being able to increase the intensity of your vision.

NLP is a big opening part of this book and Belfort breaks down how effective it is when it comes to visualising the sale and visualising succeeding.

Next comes his ‘famous’ three 10s.

Now I’ve read just part of this book before and what I came away with at that time was this three 10s scenario – 



Ultimately this is the idea that the prospect needs to be sold on the product, the company as well as yourself.

All of these things need to be in alignment – the closer you can get each of them to a ‘10’ the better chance you have of selling.

So some key things came out of this for me actually – 


By the way – the beauty of reading for 60 minutes per day (I’m actually ahead of this at the moment).

It’s the 21st June and I’m up to 26 hours.

That the things that I take away from each book come so thick and fast that I struggle to remember it all.

I actually had a conversation with myself about the fact that I don’t extract 100% of the value from each book – which I’m totally comfortable with as long as there are some significant things I DO take away from each reading.


Pearl Lemon Improvements

So in this instance, it was about demonstrating why Pearl Lemon and myself are experts in our relative spaces – 

pearl lemon improuvements

Practically the above turned into this:

pearl lemon leads

why deepak shukla agency

Putting together specific pages demonstrating why Pearl Lemon Leads is a better company to do business with than other agencies you might be considering.


The other element of this is that I enjoy sales in general.

[convertful id=”197358″]

I mean it’s not perhaps the central part of my role anymore as I’ve currently got 3 (soon to be 4) in the salesforce – and so their focus should be learning much of this.

But I’m making a push to –

Get more recognition in this space:

sales trianing course

Maybe look at doing some sales training myself in 2021:

sales traing 2021

(Reading the ‘I can do this sh*t is a huge exaggeration but useful for my inner ‘wolf’ as being something Belfort might say)


I also fired off some other requests – 

pearl lemon sales

So as a consequence of reading this book it gave me focus to renew my look at our Pearl Lemon Sales site and >>>

Add those comparison pages, add some budget to the Pearl Lemon Sales website as well as identify the content it is currently lacking.


So the above is what I try and pull out from each book that I read – where can I pull something that I’ve read into practical action that I can point to and say ‘that is the outcome’ of what I’ve read.

‘This is what I’ve learnt from it and taken action upon’


And with that in mind let’s continue scrolling through my Zenkit and look at what else I’ve pulled from Belfort that carries practical application:

One new thing that I’ve decided to start doing as well is review absolutely every book I read so that I can use that as a track record as I ‘delete books from my device’ over time. 

To track my effectiveness I can simply review which books I’ve reviewed and what days the reviews were left to keep another track record:

Mr d shukla

I’ll shortly go back and also write up reviews of everything I’ve read since I started this reading journey.

Belfort’s Most Profound Points

What Belfort wrote about that was really most profound for me is this:


His work upon tonality is stunning.

Thinking about the nuances of how you communicate something to your audience and the different tones of voice that you use and the impact that it can have.

As a consequence of going through this section in fact – I reached out to my SEO team and recommend they take the video version of this course for £12 on Udemy (with a discount code)


I think this will make a significant change for Semil and his team in India if he’s able to take some Belfort’s lessons about tonality.

And as you can see here:


He definitely does go into a lot of detail and the depth definitely means that if I’m to take the most I can from Belfort I’ll need to read this again.

Anyway – this is where I’ll wrap this blog up –


As you can see the list continues and I’ve just discovered I can embed lists from Zenkit here so here you go:

<iframe src=”https://public.zenkit.com/c/BJUG0cvIeg/jordan-belfort-straight-line-selling?v=3554DhlmTt” style=”width: 100%; min-height: 500px;background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;” allowfullscreen><a href=”https://public.zenkit.com/c/BJUG0cvIeg/jordan-belfort-straight-line-selling?v=3554DhlmTt” target=”_blank”>Your browser doesn’t support iframes. Click here to open the content in a new tab.</a></iframe>


Next, I’ll discuss ‘Brian Tracy’s ‘Eat That Frog’

I’ve managed to finish two books on the same day 😛

Catch you there!