The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation in 2020

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Morning guys,

It’s day 22.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

I’m actually home and not in my usual hotel spot:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

I made the decision after reading this last night:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

The world is in something of a meltdown:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

But hey – if you came here from LinkedIn Lead Generation and you’re wondering what the f*ck. I also keep a daily blog.

And the Coronoavirus has swept the world at the moment.

But anyway!


I wanted to walk you through some of the strategies that my team and I are using to book deals via LinkedIn as promised on my Facebook.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

So let’s get right into it and keep this highly actionable.

First of all – 

Let’s breakdown my profile (and my suggestion is just to copy my damn profile):

LinkedIn Lead Generation

I’ve got:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

A keyword optimised LinkedIn Url

LinkedIn Lead Generation

A Clear statement of expertise in my header

LinkedIn Lead Generation

A social proof picture in my cover (me on BBC radio) Notice I’m also smiling like a maniac as per my brand:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

My LinkedIn profile name is optimised with the word SEO Expert:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

If you continue to read the rest of my profile headline you’ll see I’ve got 2 expertise and one CTA:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Arguably I could kill the 430am thing because it won’t drive business and it may put some people off but for me it’s a personal thing I like – but perhaps it could be more focused.

Emoji’s are there to make it stand out…..


Right so I could continue through my profile blow by blow but I’ll highlight some specific things that are perhaps noticeably different from the average:

The fact that I’ve taken the time to fill in everything on my profile:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

From the about section to filled out links with images and relevant calls to action.

I’ve also got a personal section to make sure that anyone who reads my profile find me ‘interesting’ and ‘cool’:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

As we continue to work my way down I’ve got everything ultimately as filled out as possible:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Notice I’m making all my endorsements SEO related – although I may stop now as I move more into general business growth activities and rely upon my sales team to actually drives sales.

Furthermore, I’m confident I’ve given more recommendations than anyone I know.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

96 is now small number :p

I stopped using ‘outreach/automation’ on my profile a fair while back for ‘2nd-degree’ level connecting.

I get so much inbound these days:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

And my end game now is to actually build brand ‘Deepak Shukla’ and see what passive sales come from it:

I’m sending anyone who connects with me this message:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

The landing page sends people to this page:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

To check the page out click this link

I’m actually running an outreach campaign to my first-degree network of 25,000 connections.

[convertful id=”197358″]

This is the messaging I’m using:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

The reason I’m doing this is that I build trust and put people into a (at the moment) 174-day funnel with literally just free content and this leads to:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

This chap has become an SEO client now.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

This chap is about to invest £10,000+ with Pearl Lemon Invest

LinkedIn Lead Generation

This chap has invested $50,000 with Pearl Lemon Invest and is about to up his investment and introduce friends bringing the total value to perhaps $100,000+

Here are more people signing up:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

This person spends £2k per month on SEO with us and has made a £30,000 investment with us:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

So just based upon the above (and this isn’t everything) it’s fair to say my simple LinkedIn strategy of NOT selling, and just providing free value – 

My newsletter is almost 100,000 words of stories, advice and information with nothing being sold (and I’m still going to continue with it) –

It’s likely fair to say that since I launched it 3-months ago.

IT’S LED TO $250,000 in value

So this is MY current funnel.

Please note!

Two out of the three people who’ve invested $50,000 I’ve never even spoken to during the sales process.

THIS is the power of branding and this is how I’ve engaged people from LinkedIn>my free funnel.


Let’s now move into automation and the like and some strategies my team employ – I’ve employed and we employ for several of our clients – that actually do work:

FYI – I do run a lead generation agency

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Now I’d like to add a few nuances:

We run services (SEO & B2B Lead Generation and more) that can basically apply to anyone – which means we can conceivably message ANYONE as a client.

So our net is wide – but regardless of all of that here are some tried and tested strategies with a couple of caveats:

If you’re selling high-ticket services YOU NEED someone whose a good ‘closer’ on the other end of the line or YOU yourself need to be able to sell.

None of this will work if you’re useless on the phone

And even if you think you’re good, get some sales training anyway. You can always get better….


I’m ex-Warwick (redbrick university in the UK)

ex-Deloitte (big 4 accountant)

Current Marketing agency owner (Pearl Lemon)

SaaS co-founder (Word Pigeon)

What this gives me – is reason to potentially have a reason to connect with ANYONE who falls in those same buckets with an outreach message that works something like this:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Now, these are all old messages as you can see – all with slightly different targeting and you probably have tweaks you’d make to all of them.

But the point is – this context gives a powerful reason to get a high connection acceptance rate and in many cases (I’ve clearly done a poor job of following up) – pathways to jumping on calls.

If you extend the above use-case out to your historical education as well as career (assuming you have those) – then you can pretty much have a reason to likely reach out to thousands of people.

Let me do a quick check:

I’ve just actually run a ‘Deloitte’ search because it’s the bigger network:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Check this out – there are conceivably 67,000 people I could cold email, cold call, LinkedIn message that are ‘ex-Deloitte’ (like me) and are founders (like me).

To be honest – even my team could reach out to all these folks with a message along the lines of:

‘Hey Max, my managing director is ex-Deloitte like yourself and asked me to get in touch with you, hope that’s ok – Joe’

And that would probably get a decent connection acceptance rate and could then segway into a phone call.

And this can segway into EVEN MORE possible searches if you then consider:

  • Education
  • Place of Employment
  • Education + Place of Employment
  • Education + Place of Employment + Hobby (via LinkedIn boolean search)
  • Education + Place of Employment + Hobby (via LinkedIn boolean search) + Languages

I could continue….

But right I hope this is helpful for you all. Let me do a time-check:

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Damn lol.

This took longer than my usual posts – probably because I’m working from home and my routine is disturbed. 

But – some final thoughts:

  1. Lead with value is annoyingly true
  2. The value needs to be genuinely interesting – if I sent my network a ‘check my LinkedIn guide’ type thing maybe it wouldn’t work as well (maybe it would – leave a comment and tell me)
  3. Find things in common and then connect

Right – catch you tomorrow!