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Total Competition

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Total Competition by Ross Brawn

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Total Competition by Ross Brawn

Deepak Shukla’s Notes Close That Sale by Brian Tracy:

Hey guys,

I finished reading this book on the 10th January 2021.

Here’s a synopsis of the book I grabbed from Amazon:

“Total Competition is the most compelling, comprehensive and revealing insight into what it takes to get to the top in Formula One that has ever been published. Across four decades, Ross Brawn was one of the most innovative and successful technical directors and then team principals in Formula One. Leading Benetton, Ferrari, Honda, Brawn and Mercedes, he worked with drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton to make them world champions. In 2017, he was appointed F1’s managing director, motor sports, by the sport’s new owners, Liberty Media. Now, in this fascinating book written with Adam Parr (who was CEO and then chairman of Williams for five years), he looks back over his career and methods to assess how he did it and where occasionally he got things wrong.”

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And here are my actual notes I took whilst I was listening to this on Audible:

  • Process improvement should happen on a continual basis
  • It’s not the actual salary numbers themselves but the comparative numbers that people care about
  1. What Lydia is getting versus another intern
  2. Bonuses based upon money are a disincentive
  3. People just doing things for money than they’ve got the wrong motivation
  4. It’s about the fairness
  • Luck is when preparation meets opportunity
  • 12 Strategies to be mindful of
  1. Strategy is a system
  2. Avoid unnecessary fighting
  3. Build trust consciously
  4. Know thyself and know others
  5. Embrace humility
  6. Invest in people and culture
  7. Take the measure of time
  8. A complete process leads to a competitive product
  9. Develop and apply a set of rhythms and routines
  10. Just adopt. Steal from the competition and whatever else can make you more competitive
  11. O Strive for simplicity and Activamanage complexity
  • Avoid unnecessary conflict
  • Strategy is a system
  • Book was taken from raw conversations then turned into a transcript
  • Then turned into a book with additional commentary