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Day 15.

Coping with my hangover 😛


This is the time I’m starting today’s blog – a full 2.5 hours later than I normally do.

Once you build a routine it’s incredible what alcohol can do to destroy it.


It was all worth it because I had an opportunity to catch up with my Forex broker. 


An amazing friend who I do great business with.

So over our boozy lunch yesterday we hit on an amazing idea.

For over a year I’ve been making introductions from my network to Oliver because of the returns I’ve been getting from our work together

Let me show you the number of introductions I’ve made:



When there are things I believe in,  I really get behind them.

In this instance, it’s the business relationship I have with Oliver and his team that has spearheaded these introductions.

With all of this in mind here’s the business plan that I hit on last night.

Building out the ‘Pearl Lemon Invest’ brand to frame the introductions I am already making anyway – and to effectively activate my sales team within this process.

Oliver told me that a former introducer was bringing in around £500,00 worth of investment opportunities to their company.

And that company was overall £2 million per month in revenue. 

I need to develop a business plan to attach to it more carefully, but simply put, building out a brand in the investment space that focuses solely on the investments that I am making is a very sure-fire way to success.

As Oliver and I were discussing, the competitive advantage I have over all of the other introducing brands is that I already have a reputable and recognised brand – and provided I centre solely around introducing only financial investments I’ve put money into – and nothing else.

I can grow an investment arm to Pearl Lemon I’m proud of and that’s completely ethical and consistent with my narrative.

And this is something that most investment companies simply don’t have – someone within their company who has real-world experience that they can publish.

What was brilliant was that whilst we were having lunch and some drinks I –

  • Asked Lydia to make the Pearl Lemon Invest logo
  • Purchased the domain 
  • Asked Mel to repurpose the content on and produce 20,000 words of content for PearlLemonInvest
  • Asked Mel to setup the Pearl Lemon Invest LinkedIn company page

And effectively got on the road to setting up the company whilst we were still in the pub.


All of this whilst having double vodka lime and soda’s ha.

And it ended very bromantically as well 


So here I am now at 8.10am sat with a pretty heavy hangover and just focused upon grinding out my content and making sure I get through the day.

Just did a word count check and I’m only halfway ha.



Whilst I was at lunch with Oliver yesterday I made £700+ as well as an additional  £100 from the trades of other’s who have put money in based upon my recommendation (and they are also making money).


This is the money I’ve made over the last seven days based upon the trades of those who have invested based upon my introduction (and this is very much on the low-side what with Covid-19 at the moment)

So, all in all, it was a very good lunch together.

[convertful id=”197358″]

(If you’re interested in finding out more please just get in touch with me)


Right now I’m struggling with my hangover but happy I’m here.

This is my first true test in terms of sticking to the 1,000 words per day in a blog format.

And part of exciting new ventures – and why many of them fail – is – that like this daily 1,000 words – it stops becoming exciting – and then you become entrenched in the grind.

Continuing to add value, pushing out content on some days (like today) when you’re not up for doing much of anything at all – and you have six calls booked


This is when you are truly tested.

And there’s a good lesson here for growth in general.

You gain the most from any pursuit in the darkest moments – for as they say – it is the darkest before dawn.

And there are days when everything seems to flow and things are effortless – and others when it is all one big struggle.

Ultimately –

I’m really happy with the momentum being made.

The groups have got some serious people in there.

By groups, I mean the various accountability groups I have founded.

Right now there is the 430am club in which I am as of now, notwithstanding today the most consistent person.


Ross does a very solid job and got to it before I did today.

Then I have the two content groups:



In both of these groups, I have Ganesh who looks like he will be up there with me in terms of consistency which means we have a good long road ahead.

Then we have a new group based around eating vegetables and sharing at least 3 per day. In this group I have Scott Henderson to compete with who is definitely the standard-bearer:


It’s having groups like this – and therefore systems to help support you – that help you push things through in moments like this.

And that’s the other element of starting anything – don’t rely on willpower alone.

Also, build in a mechanism that will help you in your journey to success.

The other one I have is my public accountability on Facebook:


I publicly posted that I failed my 430am start today which is somewhat painful to post – but gives me a huge incentive to ensure that tomorrow I’m back at it again.


That’s perhaps my biggest takeaway for you for today.

That once you have something you have an idea about – add accountability and structures to it as rapidly as possible.

I chose to talk about the plan I have with Oliver to build a multi-million £ introducing business because this way I can help bring it into fruition.

I’d like to sell a company for £100 million or much more at some point before I turn 40 – and building in the investment arm to Pearl Lemon could very well be the way forward

And as much as you can – the power of writing things down is massive.

I’m now going to share this with all the people I’ve mentioned above.

The only other element I want to mention actually – in the spirit of new things – is the exciting SaaS podcast I’ll be launching with Udit – CEO of Pitchground over this month of march which should be big:


So – time to wrap up with today’s learnings:

  1. As soon as you have a grand idea – take massive action
  2. Make sure that massive action includes building in layers of support and accountability 
  3. You gain most when the chips are down and motivation is low – that’s when you fight.

That’s everything – catch you tomorrow!