My Quest to Grow Brand Pearl Lemon

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Morning guys,

Day 17 is pretty cool. 


Starting a little later, but I’ve decided I want to hit 100-day streaks for my activities before I give them up.

To support me in that aim I’ve also started using this app


My Quest To Grow Brand Pearl Lemon

The idea is – is that I’m attempting to build powerful new habits to create a morning routine that I can commit to having wrapped up by 8am before I start my day.

(The 8am part I’ve just made up).

And in fact I’ve just added two more goals:

My Quest To Grow Brand Pearl Lemon

It remains to be seen which of these I can maintain the longest streak for and how many of these will actually stick.

This app is just for Mac and I’ve got an Android phone, but hey it was the first app I saw and I like the layout.


I’ve actually now switched in a bid to find a cross-platform app that I can use


Hopefully, this one is better than its reviews.

Let’s see what I actually stick to.


So I’m curious to see where some of these things will take me – my <8am goals are a combination of business and personal development.

There’s a strong use-case that these blogs won’t take me anywhere – but ultimately I’ve always found that producing content has never been a waste.

And mostly – I write because I enjoy it.

I spend most of my day by myself, and so this is a great playground to solely share my thoughts with the world.

And today – here are those thoughts:

I’m getting quite quickly into the agency growth programme I’m on with Josh.

I’m getting closer to 50k a month revenue at the moment – and with Josh’s help I want to get it to 100k a month – and here are some simple ways to try to achieve this that we’re currently focusing upon:

  1. I’ve hired Yahaya who may well become the delivery manager for Pearl Lemon depending upon his progress – meaning it’s his role to monitor and track the performance of the projects – although Sam within my team may be a better fit for this I will see
  2. I’m beginning to build unique mechanisms for all the products that Pearl Lemon have on offer, to make sure that what we do is unique from the competition, so our SEO services are now ‘The Dragon Framework’ that we employ 
  3. I need to produce a lead-magnet that’ll serve as a funnel into our services which I should probably focus on SEO on given that’s the primary service I wish to promote – I still need to make a decision upon this

But it’s pretty exciting to see where this could go.

There’s been many things I’ve done wrong, as I was discussing with my friend Umesh yesterday.


He’s working doing commission-only sales for an agency that’s hitting 200k a month, and they are run by a pair of 20-year-olds – which is extremely impressive.

[convertful id=”197358″]

As we discussed, they have focussed on one niche, and one niche only (dental clinics) and are choosing to serve them via Facebook ads and nothing else.

What is interesting about their offer is it comes with a money-back guarantee, and they actually pay the prospect an additional $1000 if they waste their time above and beyond the refund period.

It’s a pretty impressive offer and there are takeaways with this for me as well.

  1. Have an irresistible offer 
  2. Make sure you can deliver upon your offer

I think these are the main two things I still need to figure out in my journey.

But – one thing at a time 😛


This time of the morning is a pretty reflective period for me – and this is perhaps equivalent to other people’s journalling or quiet time – or whatever you may consider it to me.

I have time to process my thoughts and ponder as to my next steps.

I’ve got a whole heap of content creation ahead of me in this month of March – I’ve signed off deals with Content Studio, Find That Lead, Lemlist, Clearout and have a call coming up with Docsketch to produce content for all of their communities.

That will constitute a solid week of content production and has the potential to be absolutely huge if I’m able to deliver on the content front.


They all have solid communities and putting content on their platforms will only help me grow and also lead to even further opportunities.

So come the end of the month it will be done.

This is notwithstanding the weekly SEMRush webinar’s I will be doing from this week onwards.

SEMRush runs ads for each of the webinars, which means at any one time there’s an ad running in regard to an upcoming webinar which I’m hosting.


There are other things in the pipeline as well – but all the above could definitely be transformative to the brand of Pearl Lemon as well as my own personal brand, which is why I’m doing my best to ‘ride the wave’.

In line with that, creating frameworks for success with these groups I’ve created on Whatsapp is a critical way for me to accelerate the journey that I’m on.

My approach is definitely high volume mud-throwing and then seeing where the best mud sticks.

I need to brand this in some way. I need to brand myself in some way that relates to this, which I will get to down the road.

Let me list out all of the business development activities that I’m currently focussed on:

  1. Building Pearl Lemon PR (the first client kicks off next week)
  2. Building the Pearl Lemon Leads operation (with Sam and co)
  3. The joint venture with Goenka (this is a whole big thing)
  4. The journey I’m on with Semrush
  5. The various companies above I’m producing courses for (this really is thanks to Udit)
  6. This blog
  7. Writing on Quora
  8. Messaging 5 people per day who run mega-successful companies to offer to buy them a coffee
  9. Going through Josh’s agency growth programme which will also involve spending $3,000 a month on ads potentially (to further grow my brand name)
  10. Launching Pearl Lemon Invest (PLI) – @Melanie my head of content is producing the content now, and Abdul is putting together the website for it.
  11. Introducing my sales team to the PLI revenue opportunity

I guess what I am excited about as we move through 2020 – is where brand Pearl Lemon will be by the end of 2020

So my final learnings for today:

  • Have a plan A, A1, A2, A3 etc – rather than plan B/C/D – assume all your plans will work (even if most don’t do much for you)
  • Joint ventures where it makes sense for both sides are huge
  • Play to your strengths – I’m good at producing content – so long may this continue


This is what time it is – and I get to cross another streak off:

 It’s a wrap.

Catch you tomorrow 😉