How To Make The Most Out Of Every Crisis


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Morning all,


5.25 am here and I’m sitting at Stansted Airport – I’ve got until 5.50 for the gate to be announced and at that point, I’ll make a move.

I’m sitting with my one-shot of espresso flat-white latte and thought I’d put together a blog post while I wait.

There’s a brilliant quote by Winston Churchill as he was working to form the United Nations after WWII, he famously said, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.

To a degree, it feels like this is the challenge of building both the Public Relations as well as Lead Generation team.

With both, we’ve got several clients and they have expectations of what we can achieve and the pressure is on us to make them a success.

It’s brilliant what external pressure does at focussing the mind.

On the PR front, it’s caused us to roll out a totally new PR site, allocate $3,000 of spending towards growing the SEO, get a dedicated content writer for the website – as well as trying to push our learning forward as fast as possible.

We’ve got an office space, potentially looking at a 2nd full-time hire, and have got some challenging clients onboard.

All excellent problems and a surefire way to grow the business quickly.

Equally, on the lead generation side, the team is going from strength to strength now that we’ve got the semblance of the permanent team we’ll work and grow with Chill, Anu, Lydia, Carlos & Macky.

Anyway, as ever this is a reflective post where I’m just mulling over what pressure does to us.

In a sense, the lead-generation team and the sales team will work somewhat closely but function independently as well given we’ve got some campaigns that are cold-calling only and nothing else.

To that end, we’ve now got Gary, Louis, Alex, and David who are all full-time/going full-time to ramp up the appointments booked for the business.

In my mind the opportunity this presents is excellent.

They can spend 20% of their time booking appointments for Pearl Lemon – i.e to generate new business for us – in the instance, there is not much happening on the client front.

However, what excites me most is that as the lead-generation team continues to grow in terms of skills and ability to send cold emails at scale and generate returns; we keep lowering the bar when it comes to expectations from the client side….

It should take the pressure off.

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Cold calling as a unit for the company has been a wild ride.

Vasco our Head Of Outbound Growth was commenting – he’s seen the New Business team rotate multiple times since he’s been here as people have come, not succeeded, and either resigned or been let go of.

And that saga continues with now what I believe will be a batch of permeant people I can help build the business around

Gary – the sales team manager actually got Covid yesterday…right before I was due to fly away to Italy…which led me to make two fast(er) hires in Alex and David.

This….probably doesn’t make much sense to anyone but myself lol – but my blog has become a platform for me to journal more than write ‘how to content’ – although I do ‘do’ that now and again :p.

It’s exciting though – the progress that we’ve made and what’s possible.

As we grow Pearl Lemon Web, Accounting, PR, and Leads – it should make for a very exciting future.

Chaos perhaps isn’t the most ideal way to figure out some of these things.

But hey…read my blog posts for the last couple of months – it’s what I enjoy so so much.

I was only on a client onboarding call yesterday talking about SMS marketing and how that might work for them – and they said it’s something we could definitely consider as we moved forward.

I’m also exploring the idea of a multi-line dialer where you can call 2-4 numbers at the same time which would be a game-changer for the clients that want us to achieve certain call volumes.

So this excites me also.

The whole thing does.

The idea of delivering complex marketing services (or rather simple) with a superior degree of sophistication and delivery than the competition is absolutely where we want to get to.

And what is the expression… Jove we will ☺