How To Launch A Podcast Onto Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and Everywhere Else In Less Than 10 Minutes


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Morning all!


Here’s the time this morning.

And this morning I’ve actually already recorded a couple of podcasts.

I want to talk about the most deceptively simple podcast approach ever invented I think.

So basically, when I go out for my morning walks to get a cup of tea, to learn something new, and the like – I’ll also…..record audio!

I literally hit record on my phone and will start nattering about something that has occurred to me that I find interesting.

I use any pair of headphones with a mic built-in (or rather the £15 in-ear headphones I bought from Amazon) and I’ll start recording.

Then the podcasts (I’ve recorded maybe 10 so far) are around 5 minutes long – no longer usually, and (in today’s example) I’d speak about topics such as my planned 1-to-1 meetings with my team to my morning routine.

Once that’s done – I share the audio to Whatsapp.

The reason I do this is that I ultimately intend to upload the podcast to Soundcloud directly as a finished piece of production.

For whatever reason – that process doesn’t work – try as I might upload.

(I’m sure there’s some obvious technical workaround that I’ve just not figured out – oh well I guess I don’t care enough to find it).

The audio from Whatsapp sounds fine – and so I directly upload it to SoundCloud – because then I can get it ‘live’ instantly.

[convertful id=”197358″]

From SoundCloud, it’ll go out automatically to iTunes – and once I’ve got my sh*t together I’ll have it go out to other platforms as well.

In some respects, it’s not unlike my blog in that ultimately I’m writing for myself – and for my own sense of sanity.

But then – why not share that with the world?

Why not put that onto a platform that can aid the sharing of your message?

Remember – all it takes is the ‘explosion’ of one of your messages for everything else you’re doing to pick up.

Equally – if you’re pretty much doing it for yourself (as I am) – then who cares lol.

But practically speaking – a Soundcloud subscription costs maybe £75 per year or something like this, and then everything else is free.

To get set up on Soundcloud is simple (give it a google I ain’t writing no ‘how-to-blog’ lol), and once that’s sorted it has an inbuilt option to get yourself onto iTunes perhaps (I don’t remember).

Here’s the overriding point that I hope is being demonstrated though – getting a podcast started and in a format that folks are happy with isn’t challenging at all.

It’s really just a matter of building a simple process so that it fits into the fabric of your day.


So I stack routines together.

I’ll go for a walk, listen to an Audible, take some notes, fire some messages out to the team, record a podcast (or two) and get my morning cup of tea.

That’s 6 different things that happen across the course of that same 45-60 minute walk.

And typically (just like now) – it’ll give me the ammunition to produce some new content.

In reality, I should add this as a ‘7th’ item I get from my morning walks.


Hopefully, you see now how you can get a podcast up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘Soundcloud/iTunes/Spotify side of it might take a couple of hours. Thinking of what you’re doing to talk about might take even longer.

But the production of the podcast and the reality that ultimately all you need is 1,000 fans to be successful is incredible.

My next step with this in mind in the spirit of generating new actions – is that I want to launch some marketing campaigns for my Podcast to get the thing growing.

I think I’ll begin by making some social media announcements!

And that’s all for today guys – catch you on the next one 🙂