How To Identify Quick Wins And Action Them Immediately – Part 2

Quick Wins

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Morning all,

It’s 629am on the 6th October and let’s continue with yesterday’s blog about ‘how to identify quick wins and action them’ –

I want to give you some further examples of what ‘quick wins’ look like and examples of instances where someone will slow down –

Max mentioned he had a standing desk but the one he has ISN’T from Amazon (and yet Amazon is the only place I end up buying from).

Furthermore – he couldn’t recall exactly WHERE he bought the portable standing desk from.

Rather than wait, I wanted to seize the moment so I went onto Amazon in search of a portable desk.

Now the immediate problem you face is that you’re not sure if the height is going to make sense for you –

So I immediately started searching for a desk that WOULD make sense from a height perspective and had good reviews.

Quickly, by looking at Max’s portable desk and figuring out the rough height I was able to deduce (I hope so anyway) that at 1390 cm (the height of the desk I found) – it should be fine.

Furthermore, I saw this in the comments:


And the overall rating of the portable desk is this:

Details View

So then (as you can see) I decided to immediately make the purchase.

Right now I’m actually at my parent’s place and if this purchase works out well – I’ll buy another for my parent’s home as I work from here as well.

Furthermore, I’m also thinking if I can find a portable one to use in cafes. I’ll look a bit weird but who cares! That’ll be next on my items to purchase because I know what help to me it’ll be.


I had a similar issue with trying to find the portable charger that Max uses to attach to the back of his mobile phone.

It works as a case and you can attach it to the back of your phone – and it jacks in via the charging port and will give your phone additional juice when you need it instead of always relying upon plugs

In this instance – I actually purchased something on Amazon but very quickly realised I wasn’t happy with it:

Cancelled Orders

As you can see – it’s a USB powered charger (which is fine) – but looked nothing like the one that Max is using.

I then decided (before cancelling) to search again via Google this time and try and find the EXACT product he’s using.

I was eventually able to find it on a DIFFERENT website than the one he bought –


And had to set up payment processing on this site called (hopefully they’ll ultimately deliver it) –

I’ll see what comes of it over the next 45 days.

What Comes


I want to highlight a couple of points here that are important to figuring out quick wins:

  • I did this all on my mobile phone. So it didn’t happen from the comfort of my desktop but rather stood up trying to identify the best products to buy
  • It’s possible that both products won’t work/will have some issues
  • I did this with Max basically waiting on me to make the orders
  • This all happened when we had at best 20 minutes of the day left (it was 410pm and I was about to head to an Italian lesson right after)
  • I had to make an order (on Amazon) and then realise it wasn’t what I was after and then CANCEL the order

Also – as you’ll notice I’ve ordered a charger for the Google Pixel 4 when I’ve got a Huawei Pocophone F1 – so it might not work correctly long term.

[convertful id=”197358″]

  • To ‘test’ whether a standing desk made sense to me – I stood at his laptop on the standing desk and made an on the spot assessment.
  • To ‘test’ whether his charger would work with my mobile phone – I put my phone on his charger to see if it would charge (it did)
  • I had to put in my delivery address (my flat) as being different from the ordering address (since it’s for work).


There are probably 4-7 reasons here that would have logically ‘stopped’ someone from making the purchase.

Hurdles to jump, a possibility that you might make the wrong order and end up ‘wasting money’ and the like…

If I didn’t make the instant purchase, however – the likelihood of me following through when I have other things to get on with – drops massively.

This means I’d perhaps have months go by and never bother making these orders or maybe…

  • I need Max to remind me – and he’s busy
  • Max can’t remember (which is exactly what happened) where he purchased from so doesn’t come back to me promptly
  • I try to make a ‘mental note’ and forget
  • I email this to myself (unlikely) as something to action later

There are so many variations that involve me not buying these items….and therefore suffering as a consequence of it.

And now look what I’ve realised….

‘Why not buy a portable standing desk for my bag to take with me to cafes…

Purchased product

And this is what I’ve just bought.

It might not work well for standing up – but at a cafe, I can put this on the table and it’ll help me keep my back straight!

So overall my total spend is £180 for 3-items which could lead to significant wins for me….massive in the case of the portable standing desk.

Had I not ‘got over’ these little moments of resistance – I might not have even produced these two blogs…

Furthermore – what implications does this have for my decision making in general?

The way I look at this is as so:

I’ve just spent £180 on one-time purchases that could result in a significant quality of life improvement.

And this is why….getting into the spirit of ‘quick wins’ and taking ‘instant action’ is so so important.

How much will this speed of decision making positively impact your life?