How To Identify Quick Wins And Action Them Immediately – Part 1

Identify Quick Wins

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So it’s 1807 and right now I’m on the London underground headed home. I reckon I’ve got around 15 minutes before I need to get off the tube so I’m going to make this as quick as I can.

I went to visit my friend Max Newton in Bethnal Green today and it proved to be a massively useful meetup.

Max – I want to give you a shoutout as I think you highlighted some things I’ve not considered or am doing for Pearl Lemon and so I want to underline them here:

  • Vimeo as an alternative to Loom for instant videos – worth exploring this (as well as the others and discovering what’s going to work the best for us
  • Buying a standing desk with wheels. Never even entered my mind you can get a portable standing desk – but it makes so much sense – so I placed an order for that
  • A phone case charge for my Pocophone. I noticed that Max’s phone had a kind of brick ‘attachment’ attached to it – so I enquired about it and it turns out that it’s a phone charger so I ordered one of those as well.
  • Max outlined the GDPR consequences that focus around cold calling having had a call with the ICO (information commissioner’s office) about the regulations. There were some eye opening insights which he has emailed across to me
  • Max also mentioned that when he goes into a sales pitch he asks the prospective client – How many sales people do you currently have? What are their roles? How long do your sales guys stay with you? How long is their training time? He uses this to identify what their attitude and approach is to sales (and thus gives a good handle on how Max’s team will be treated)

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Outside of this – there were some other ‘quick wins’ that happened that I want to note –

  • I realised with my Italian tutor that I need to make a better effort with writing up my Italian notes onto Google Sheets – so within 24 hours I need to make sure that this gets done.
  • Salvatore also recommended that I install Duo Lingo because it would make a good addition to the Italian learning that we’re doing together.
  • I told my accountability coach Valentina that I wanted to get more into meditation and so I wondered if there was a ‘coach’ for this, and of course it turns out there is. I went via and found a coach who specialises in meditation that charges around £15 per hour for coaching so I’ve signed up for 4 sessions. That was actually her opening rate so if it goes well I’ll ask for £10 per session if I book on a long-term basis and I expect she’ll meet me in the middle.
  • In telling Valentina about the above (as I told her proudly about the meditation coach and standing desk)…she then enquired about booking a half marathon as well as whether I booked focusmate in. I’ve done neither so again it was a good signal that there is still more to do.

Other quick wins

Other Quick Wins

Ah also – I’ve started messaging chefs as well as messaging potential new sales folk to see who I can bring in in time for next week. So a small amount of time was spent on the phone trying to identify excellent human capital. I’ve got a meeting with a chef lined up for tomorrow who seems very promising.

So…I’ve got 2-stops left before I hit my destination and it’s been as interesting and unexpected as this blog. Today has been an excellent day of quick wins that I wanted to ‘share’ with

someone – and I’m doing this via my audience here on my blog.

A couple of takeaways – which in a sense are all one and the same:

  • Take instant action when someone outlines an idea/item/anything that you think could benefit yourself/your business
  • Jump through the hoops needed to implement something (including any form of resistance)

….I’m out of time I’ll continue this tomorrow!