How to Be Ridiculously Productive?

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It’s actually day two and 5.31 pm.

Ridiculously Productive


But I really feel like writing. 

Even though I wrote 1.5k words earlier. 

Having finished up my ‘52k words’ project around a month back – I’ve been looking for another writing project I can sink my teeth into.

This is it. Blogging just for the sake of blogging. I, at some level may try and sell something but mostly – I just really enjoy this stuff.

I am a blogger at heart. 

It makes Word Pigeon make so much sense as a software tool I’m launching alongside Max Caroll – we’re schoolboy friends actually – known the guy since I was 5.

As you can tell from my messaging here w/Strawberry(my g/f) as well – you can see I’m glad I’m back on this journey:

Ridiculously Productive


And I even setup a Quora account again and may attempt to try and write on their platform as well:

Ridiculously Productive


Let’s see how that one goes…

So today I want to frame my stream of consciousness around becoming ridiculously productive.

I was given an amazing compliment by my good friend Ross:

Ridiculously Productive


And thought I’d combine that with my desire to write to produce something insightful for you.

I’m quite an impulsive guy and like to act upon most of my impulses.

The ones I don’t try to act upon the usual suspects such as avoiding sugar, avoiding sweets, chocolate where and when I can…and then maybe that’s about it.

So with being productive – I want to talk about time maximisation by walking you through my weekend so far:

My friend Adrian came to stay on Friday evening and the evening was spent watching ‘The Martian’ (great movie) and then ‘Venom’ (I’d passed out by this time)

Every day I wake up at 430am so I enjoy getting to be by around 10pm. Although on Friday night this was midnight.

Although I managed the ‘wake-up’ call on Saturday and headed off to Hotel Ibis to get some work in.

Let’s bear in mind I enjoy getting things done – and if you’re reading this at some level I’m sure you do as well.

So the first thing that happened was that I finally got my act together and committed to producing these blog posts.

That was the significantly new ‘big action’.

I enjoy writing, and I’ve done it so much that I’ve got half-way decent at it.

And because of committing to this one action I’m going to totally going to change the nature of my Deepak Shukla website in time.

Subsequently later in the day whilst chatting with Adrian about music over breakfast – I decided impromptu that I’d like to setup a recording studio again.

Not in my flat but rather somewhere local.

This was a local (3-4 minute walk) crepe place I like to eat at and the owner of the shop recognises Adrian and I every time we come – it’s our spot.

With that in mind I approached the shop owner ‘Decio’ and asked him if he had a space.

He immediately led me downstairs and this is what I found:


So this video is the one I immediately recorded and then sent on to 3 people.

Strawberry and my two friends who also own and recording studios – asking what equipment we could get into the space: 

Ridiculously Productive


Today he responded with some initial kit suggestions which I’ll go ahead and buy:

Ridiculously Productive

Actually I then went w/Adrian to see Ren in Shepherd’s Bush and I may now be joint venturing with him to help find tenants for a whole set of recording studios he holds the management lease for:

[convertful id=”197358″]

Ridiculously Productive

Adrian, Ren and I from right to left

As you can hear (if you watched the video showing Decio’s room downstairs) I negotiated a cash price of £200 per month to get access to his room during his opening hours which is as follows:

Ridiculously Productive


It wasn’t a hard sell – he was completely happy with it.

I then went off with Adrian and asked several other shop owners even closer to my flat if they had spaces.

There’s a furniture showroom that sounded promising (the staff said they think the boss might be up for it) as well as a couple of other units that look promising.

The units (when I also ended up looking on Gumtree) actually retail for £800 per month. 

This gave me the idea of asking a friend if they’d like to set something up in one of these shops (he already has a shop himself – Wingjam):

Ridiculously Productive


A recording studio or something who knows?

Ultimately it looks like I’ll setup with Decio as it’s a sure thing, and if it goes well I’m sure he’ll give me the keys for after-hours and move his stuff out into the corner.

I’ll see how it goes when I give him £100 tomorrow (Monday).


This is just parts of the weekend – other things happened 


  • I recorded a ‘How To Go Viral on LinkedIn’ video for SEMRush and edited it and put it together 
  • I recorded 9 different versions of ads for my Pitchground launch
  • There is this blog


Another thing worthy of note was I discussed the idea of Adrian moving to London (assuming he’d get an equally well-paying job as the one he has in Cambridge).

He agreed it’d be a game-changer and consequently I promised help with his resume – and he’s today filled in my form about his work history and sent me an updated resume as per my instructions.

Before he left last night I got him to connect his aged personal gmail account to my old Mailshake account and once the resume is done – 

He’ll reupload it to Monster, CVLibrary and Reed and I’ll outreach to 20-50 recruitment agencies in London to get his phone ringing.



I think that’s actually everything.

I don’t intend on doing any more ‘work’ this weekend (the above was all very fun for me btw).

If you see the Day 2 blog you’ll find more actions from this weekend as I’ve not actually included any ‘work-work’ as some might say.

I.e SEO implementation, looking through client work and working with my absolute ROCKSTARS, Lydia, Sam and Ellen who like me work in bursts through the weekend.

They were all getting things done.


So none of the above took ‘forever’. And I still managed to hang out Friday and Saturday with Adrian and Ren which was great.

The key (in my opinion) to being productive is to not-overthink anything. In fact, don’t think much at all. Trust your intuition, and run with ideas. Mostly they will fail and with little impact to yourself ultimately.

But all it requires is a couple things to work well and you can start building incredible momentum.

So here’s I guess my final thoughts for today:


  • Quieten your inner voice and focus on the action
  • When you have an idea – IMMEDIATELY execute


(Like remembering buying water for our flat and running to Whole Foods to purchase 12 bottles 10 minutes before closing time)

Ridiculously Productive


  • Continually build that ‘execution muscle’ and watch it grow over time.

So it’s 19.07.

A great way to spend a couple of hours. 

Time to head home for dinner and enjoy the rest of my evening.

Catch you tomorrow folks!