Harry Mack – Unparelleled Freestyler

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Morning all,


I thought I’d write a little bit about a rapper I’ve been listening to obsessively for the last month or so since my buddy Luc introduced me to him.

He’s a guy from Los Angeles called Harry Mack and he’s a freestyle rapper.

He’s been around for several years now and was performing freestyle raps on the boardwalk of Venice beach and then uploading them to his YouTube channel.

One of his videos someone watched was recorded and uploaded went viral and now he’s exploded to some degree online.

As you can see he’s a prolific content creator with 337 videos live on YouTube at the moment.


As you can see he’s amassed an amazing 1.47 million subscribers.

Everything he records online on the various series he has is all totally ‘off the top’ – i.e freestyles.

He takes it further than most ordinary freestylers as he’ll ask his listening audience to give him (at times) up to 6 words to include in his freestyle.

Then he’ll play a track from either his portable sound system if he’s on Venice beach or his laptop if he’s recording.

Then the freestyle commences.

And this is where the Harry Mack magic begins.

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There’s no one better in the world than Harry Mack when it comes to freestyling.

At least not anyone that most reactor’s have come across.

Here’s one of my favorite clips:

In this clip (oh and he’s got his own clips channel with 73k subscribers!) – he uses the words Alien, Maths, and Bottle and comes up with the craziest rhyme schemes.

Not only will he use the word ‘alien’ itself – but he’ll also use many related words such as ‘UFO’ ‘Martian’ ‘Galaxy’ ‘Space Shuttle’ Atmosphere’ ‘Green Skin’ ‘Milky way’ (all used in this clip) – in a narrative manner.

Once he’s appropriately blown this rhyme scheme to pieces – he’ll then move on to the next scheme – which in this case would be maths.

Throughout (or often at the end) – he’ll then begin freestyling about the person in front of him or whatever he can observe in the background as well as what they’re wearing. This typically shocks his audience the first time they witness him in action.

It’s these kinds of videos he’ll upload to YouTube.


Basically, I wanted to write this blog about him to show the man some respect.

I listen to several of his freestyle raps obsessively – down to the extent I’ve ripped Omegle 37 (another one of his series where he’ll use Omegle to randomly connect with strangers and then rap to them) – to my phone using YouTube premium – just to listen to it on repeat.

As my friend Luc told me – you have to watch Harry Mack – he’s sickeningly good.

And upon watching him – I’ve since discovered he’s not wrong at all.

What’s also interesting is that Harry Mack has elevated and so (in a way) created a whole new segment.

He’s appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show, does live concerts, has merchandise and a Patreon community to support his art, and seems to be building a whole career in absence of any label support or any pre-recorded music whatsoever.

This means the speed at which he can produce music is incredible.

Pretty much all of his 337 videos are all new content since he freestyles and doesn’t appear to write anything.

What’s equally impressive about his actual freestyles is his cadence, articulation, vocabulary, metaphors, understanding, and mastery of the English language as well as his superb timing, flows, and delivery.

It’s incredible to hear about such a complete artist. He doesn’t stumble, mumble, or speak gibberish as you’d ordinarily expect at least 20% of the time. Harry Mack does that 0% of the time.

He’s astounding and I encourage you to check him out here.