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Hey, it’s Deepak Shukla here! Thank you for listening to my podcast – down below you will find the notes and key takeaways from today’s podcast so you can implement them in your everyday life!


Hey, guys, it’s 7:51am on Sunday, Sunday. What am I saying? Friday, the 29 October. And I want to talk about being in a position where you get paid to learn and pay to deliver.. And that’s the skill that I think can really be powerful in helping you go far further, faster.

What I mean by that is we have developed one skill, which we’ve kind of learned through hard work, and that is ultimately search engine optimization. Now we’re using that skill to be paid to learn new skills. So if you think about anything that you’ve got a high level of ability in, it can put you in places where you might feel out of your depth. 

So when you take, for example, someone who’s a fantastic footballer or soccer player or sportsman, if they win several top accolades, they might receive an OBE and have lunch with the Queen, or they might attend gala or events.

Then they might be around financy artisans and be in a completely different environment where ordinarily they have no right to be, but because of their talent in one space and everyone might, to a degree, think that they understand the room that they’re in.

Now, what’s interesting is when you see what happens with SEO because we can rank for lots of keyword terms and present ourselves as experts, even if the expertise is arguably not theoretical, but just not that far deep. And we then get into conversations where we are considered to be PR experts.

And there’s this argument that if you know how to position yourself, then absolutely all the experts at it because you’ve been able to generate your own business. But what’s brilliant about it is we’re now beginning to get pretty damn good at regeneration.

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How Is Pearl Lemon Improving?

We’re improving our PR skills aggressively.

Let’s all come because we’re bloody good at SEO, and that means that if you rank on Google, you get found for keywords like cold calling agencies or PR agencies. You figure out how to pitch it, and off you go, right. And then you learn as you go; you learn on your feet. So it’s an ongoing, continual trial by fire. And that means, of course, in the first couple of years, they’re definitely like a tremendous amount of chaos because it’s like, well, I don’t know what I don’t know.

It’s certainly been that way with the PR clients that we’ve had, and you kind of figure it out as you go along, and you get better at it as you go.

What’s interesting is the same with everything, and you often do better. How do you phrase it better than other people think you will do, which is where sometimes I get frustrated because people might say, Well, you know what? That’s not the route to success, whereas I would say it absolutely is because that’s how you’re going to bloody win.

And it also is how you become the most competent practitioner.

Work With The Best

Because if you continually work with top-tier companies and they’ve got a tremendous amount of expectation, that means fundamentally that the expectations are bloody high and you have to levy a significant return, and where you don’t, then the market tells you or slaps you. But when you rank higher on Google, you can go at it again. You can go at it again, and you can go at it again. So if you’re an infantry soldier and somehow get deployed to the Special Forces, and you fail, but you fail safely.

But you repeatedly get drafted out to the front line, drafted out to the front line. You know what, you might not ever become special forces. Or maybe you’ll become the best special forces soldier, and maybe you’ll become one of the elite. You’ll definitely improve as long as you have some resilience, as long as you have some willingness to want to succeed. There’s no doubt you’re going to become pretty damn good.

Final Thoughts

And that’s the part that’s fascinating when it comes to SEO, in my view, and getting paid to learn. So being in an environment where you can position yourself as someone competent, obviously do what you can when you have to become as competent as possible.

But then after that, get out there and get off of it. Because then you have an actual high ability or probability of becoming damn good. Damn quick.