WhatsApp Hacks, Corona Is Killing Me & Riding the Wave

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Morning all.

Day 21  Officially three weeks into my daily blog 😛

Enjoying the journey so far.

Time check:

5.05am I’m starting at today and whilst I’m here I wanted to share another little hack I use:

As you can see I’ve got a couple of tabs open in my Chrome browser

I’ve got my white noise going because it helps block out the background noise.

Whatsapp stays open not to chit-chat (although naturally that does happen 40% of the time – I need a better solution than the current one really) – but I’ll show you what it does do:

It is the place I dump my images into.

Basically I take a picture of my (amazing lol) Casio watch with my phone and then I share it in a WhatsApp group (and this is the important part) called ‘Deepak notes’…

Of which I am the only member of – no-one else!

The reason for this (as you can see from the above) is it becomes the dumping ground for all of my images when I’m writing content such as this and an awesome way to quickly transfer it across (when it’s phone images anyway).

But also (from top to bottom) we have Soundcloud updates, as well as links, bank details and whatever else comes up – so I’m using it throughout the day also.

As Whatsapp is basically where I live, it’s why I keep everything there.

The Coronavirus continues to screw with my work – 

Clients are either canceling or pausing left-right and centre at the moment.

Also, I’m meant to be going to Estonia next week but my partner Strawberry has basically told me that if I go she wants me to self-isolate away from our home for two weeks.

Which ultimately means don’t go.

I even ended up sleeping in a separate room last night because of the heated argument we had. Sofa never felt so good lol.


Meanwhile, there’s a lot of exciting activity happening in my life at the moment – 

Because of the Coronavirus there’s a lot of turmoil going on right now – but as discussed with my agency growth coach:

Right now I’m going deeply into offence.

If you’re friends with me (or follow me) on Facebook then you’ll know:

This is a snapshot of the last couple of days and there’s going to end up being a combined 250+ comments which is pretty insane.

Today, SEMRush has a video going live on YouTube about LinkedIn that they want me to promote and drive engagement.

The idea with this video is to get it close to the top of YouTube.

Anton (in the image) is placing bets upon me that I can drive some traction – which I’m planning to do via a tightly controlled email message as well as messaging some people that I know to help with this endeavour 

What that means is I’ll message 50 people on Whatsapp (that’s the target I’m setting myself).

And then later today I also have the agency webinar – which without running ads for – we’ve managed to take to (what will be) 500 registrations:

Well done Jason Barnard – he’s got 134 people signed up for a webinar he’s not on haha.

[convertful id=”197358″]

I had the pleasure of interviewing Craig Campbell on his own podcast yesterday also which was lots of fun:

He specifically asked me to be an arsehole lol.


Anyway – all the above may not mean anything to you – but I guess I’m thinking broadly about a couple of things now.

I’m taken the approach of being in offensive mode and trying to organise as many things as I can that I believe will further the brand of Pearl Lemon and Deepak Shukla.

It’s something that I took from Grant Cardone (as you saw from the screenshot above) – that when the world is playing defense – then moving into offense is ultimately the best thing that you can do.

So here are my plans with content broadly to share them with you:

Quora is where I’m writing to grow a tribe (profile link

I’d like to see where I am when I’ve written 1,000 answers – I’ve written 117 so far:

By that time it’ll become a great source of referral traffic – ideally 1 million views a month or much more (I used to do 2 million a week) and then I can go into maintenance mode and rather than write 10 answers a day – I can go to 3-5 answers a day.

(Although I really should write some answers about SEO – I’ll take a look today haha)

I’m also planning to write ‘100 blogs’ here on my site – it’s cool seeing this also:

Less of a plan here other than switching my brand from not just being an ‘SEO guy’ but rather a more general entrepreneur.

This is more of a personal goal , although my Facebook posts are often about a blog I’ve written.

Once I’ve achieved those goals – well I’ll see what happens when I get there but I’d like to then move over to Medium.

I do have an account there and again Medium has its own inbuilt audience:

I presume I could repurpose a lot of my content – in fact I’ve asked one of my team to start posting 60% of my daily blog into a LinkedIn article.


Then I’m on a joint venture mission beginning with testimonials:

This was for Commission Crowd:

This is for Poptin:

This is for Clearout:

And there are a bunch more as well.

Alongside being on podcasts (at least 2-a-month)

Anyway, I think I’m going to wrap things up here. 

I was going to talk about ‘how to get on SEMRush’ when I start writing this content – but actually it’s become more about ‘growth and vision’ strategies I’m employing to try to become an established media figure.

It’s a fun journey and where I feel strongest.

So on that note, I’ll wrap with my advice for the day:

  • Consistency is king. A 21-day blog is decent – but a 100-day blog would be something worth talking about
  • Appearing a no 1-podcast is ok, appearing on 100 will make a dent
  • You’ll find the same applies with most things
  • Volume ultimately gives you more opportunities to get that ‘ONE break’ we’re all looking for


That’s all for today.

Just under 50 minutes. 

White-noise is making ALL the difference 😛

For more on this see here

Catch you tomorrow 🙂