Chronicling My Journey on Medium With Chris Sowers


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Good morning all,

(or at least for me).

As Chris advised – he said if I feel like journaling right now – then that is exactly what I should be doing and nothing else.

The most important thing for the moment is that I simply write and see what comes of it.

And today I feel like talking about Medium and what’s happening there.

So I have over 200k words of content that are spread across my blog as well as my newsletter – and with each word, I type this is increasing.

That’s a lot of content with tons of repurposing opportunities.

As it turned out my coach Chris is someone who has grown a decent Medium following – and the platform pays him a few hundred dollars.

He’s now beginning to slowly publish my content onto various publications on Medium to start increasing my reach.

Previous to Chris I said some ideas about doing it – but frankly like anything – didn’t have the time, expertise, or resources to get this done.

This is where Chris has stepped in – and is beginning to tactically publish certain blogs I’ve written (with a little editing to make it fit for Medium) to see if they get traction.

Nothing huge has come from this yet, but then I’ve only been going at this for around 5-weeks.

My following on Medium before Chris:


272 views over 30 days with 14 additional fans (incidentally that IS from working with Chris.

[convertful id=”197358″]

In the 30-days that have followed:


It’s really nice to see this develop. I’ve now almost 3x the number of views I’ve received and more than doubled my number of fans.

Whilst there’s certainly been fewer results in the last 14 days – it’s still a damn sight better than the ‘nothing’ of the 30 days previous to this.

I’m up to 477 followers and am curious when I’ll see something spike and double my following overnight.


There have been 9 posts that Chris has managed to have published since around the 24th of September when he started working on this meaning we’re achieving around 1.5 publications per week.

It’s slightly less than our aims but certainly better than 0 per week.

He believes in 6-9 months from now this could pay me a few hundred $ per month which is excellent – but I’m more interested in the thought leadership and influence this will give me.

As my company (Pearl Lemon) develops I become more and more interested in brand growth, which also applies to my personal brand.


There’s a lot to be said in identifying (or in my case serendipitously) someone with a particular skill set and being able to leverage that to activate all of the content I’ve already got for a greater purpose.

I find these days I’m happy writing shorter pieces – even though the reads on Medium tend to hit around 1100 words plus (certainly my ones anyway).

One of the biggest things I think Pearl Lemon has taught me is the power of being consistent with growing something – and building a brand and demonstrating what that can do for your business over time.

Pearl Lemon has been a multi-year journey with consistent hard work and only now is it really beginning to become a force to be reckoned with.

The brand element of it has taken time to grow and this comes from the countless podcasts, webinars, and the like I have done.

Anyway, the time now is:


It’s been a total of 17 minutes and my mind begins to wander towards the trappings of the day – and dealing with the challenges that come with it.

Things I’m feeling positive about:

  • Systems beat effort and with this medium journey there is a system here (with me promising to Chris I’ll write daily or I’ll pay a fine – and I already have one of $100) – and I believe if I just fall back on the system and allow for regular publishing – something will drop
  • Consistently now wake up early to be things done – it’s not yet 7 am and I’ve listened to 33 minutes of audio at 2.10x speed – making notes along the way about negotiation strategies alongside reading Carl Jung.

And now….here I am about to finish a blog mainly to avoid getting a fine from Chris.

How you start doesn’t matter to anyone ultimately – all that matters is how you play, the face THAT you play, and how you finish.

And yes – I’m finished. Amen.