The Case Study Content Repurposing Funnel

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Morning all,

I wanted to talk about something practical today that I don’t think people are doing enough.

Content repurposing.

If you’re in the service based business especially and sell a high-ticket product…then getting robust reviews are super important to that journey.

One of the biggest challenges with asking someone for a review – is that they end up tending to write a shitty review.

So let’s take an example of a local SEO client that Pearl Lemon books in for a project.

Let’s say that the work you do for them goes swimmingly well….but –

  • The client only cares about 1-top-line number
  • You hit/don’t hit that top line number
  • There is tons of work and complexities involved in hitting that number
  • You upon successful completion of the campaign ask the client to leave a review…

Let’s now assume you DON’T get crickets (ordinarily you would) – and that instead you get an affirmative answer for getting a review.

Then you chase…..then you follow up….then you finally get a written review on Google/somewhere else….

And basically it’s crap.

It’s maybe 1-2 lines to say ‘great experience working with Pearl Lemon – I’d recommend them’.

Maybe it’s even better – maybe it’s a –

‘I saw our leads increase by X over the last 4 months’ or ‘Had a great experience with Pearl Lemon, they were able to drive 5 figures in new business’….

None of the above would do justice to the bullet points above.

And more often than not – business owner’s/companies get these half-arsed reviews which don’t add a ton of value to their business when people look at them.

So what then can you do?


Think about all of the emails exchanged, whatsapp messages exchanged, and body of work you’ve accumulated, in combination with the range of data points you can show from documents, analytics dashboards and measurement tools.

Why not capture all of that and build a rocking-case study of your own?

Curated by you, organised by you….

It’ll give you an excellent opportunity to really demonstrate how in-depth, exhaustive and effective your work has been to anyone who REALLY wants to get a sense of the work that you do.

Now imagine….

You collect all of those data-points –

You can:

  1. Record a detailed video walking through that campaign
  2. Turn that video into a transcript
  3. Have the transcript edited and images added
  4. Post that as a case study blog
  5. Write up a detailed review of the project and ask your happy client if he/she/they would be happy posting it on a review platform (they can edit it as they see fit)

And then all of a sudden you have an incredibly transparent case study demonstrating the work you’ve done and effort you’ve put in.

It will show from the ground up the amount of emails exchanged, messages sent, work produced and results delivered in a way that a written document talking about the campaign…or a 2-line review from the client will never do anything to help you progress.

There’s really only a couple of things that are meaningful and that matter –

Real ‘uncut’ evidence of work done for a client – which can be shown through a video where you dive into your inbox, Google drive and the like to demonstrate how much work you put in…and then video interviews with your clients.

Put these two together and you have amazing pieces of content in both a video and written format that you can put on your case study mainpage, another page to rank on Google, and then also your YouTube channel.

[convertful id=”197358″]

This has now become standard practice for us as we identify campaigns that have gone well and then seek to produce content to reflect the volume of work put in:

And as you can see when searching for them on YouTube – we’ve been able to rack up a massive amount of case studies:

Case Studies

Furthermore this has also led us to having sections for different types of case studies on our website also:

Pearl Lemon About

And now we begin the journey of turning all of these individual case study videos into pages.

We already have one page with all of them on:

Book A Call

But each of them now will get a page with detail about that campaign specifically.

So in conclusion – take your case studies in your own hands!