How To Build A Business That Works Whilst You Sleep [The Pearl Lemon Way]

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Morning all,

date and time

If you’re reading this on my blog for the first time then welcome!

I (check this page out) like to write pretty much 7-days a week if I can. 

It’s almost a form of self therapy and like having a business partner.

As a solo founder absent any ‘board of advisors’ (it’s something I’ve toyed with over the years) – I find writing is the best way to really work through my ideas. 

And so I write each day and it helps me figure out things with Pearl Lemon.

So if you’re reading this you may have got an out of office message from my work email that looks like this:

off email

Back on the 5th September I wrote a blog about my determination to build a business that can stand on its own two feet. 

I’ve been trying to do this for 2-3 years now and have never managed it – which in hindsight is disappointing.

If you run a 7-figure agency it really should be one where there should be zero-founder involvement with clients – especially at the level I get involved in many cases.

But I’m trying to correct that now!

It all began (this journey that I’m on) when I went to Israel in September of 2019 and my client and friend Ofir told me – ‘Deepak if you take any business and pluck out two of its most important people – and then watch to see what happens…’

‘If the business falls apart – it’s NOT a business – it’s a high paid freelancer’

That really hit home to me back then, and was a realisation that I didn’t run a ‘real business’.

I was too involved, and that would ultimately throttle and limit my ability to grow and scale the company.

Of course, it’s been a couple of years since that time and I’ve tried to make Pearl Lemon become more resilient and robust and it has come some way further down the line which is great.

But now – if you’re reading this blog – I’m finally taking the step I’ve always wanted to for such a long time – build an autonomous agency.

What’s Changing?

From the week of the 4th – 9th I’m going to be away from the company. I’m not checking any Whatsapp messages, responding to emails, or otherwise.

The team knows who to turn to, what they can and can’t do, and what their responsibilities are.

It’ll be an opportunity for them to fully step into their leadership roles and test their mettle.

Once I return (on the 11th – I won’t check any messages until the 9th) I’ll identify all of the issues that came up – and slowly work to resolve them one-by-one.

Whatever the outcome of this experiment – I’ll then be doing the same the first week of every month. This will give the team the opportunity to get stronger and stronger in their role.

Then – in December – I will practice taking a whole month away where I won’t be around whatsoever whilst the team continues to work.

The idea is this week is the initial pilot. November will be smoother and then December will be a big, big test for the team.

But within 3 months the idea is that Pearl Lemon can (at this revenue level) function by itself – and the process of me being away will reveal all of the problems I’m as of yet unaware of.

A Message To My Current Clients

If you’re a current client and you’re reading this – I want to underline my plans.

My (if any right now) day-to-day involvement in your project will be zero. 

I’m focussed (and extremely aggressively so) on supporting the team internally, creating a really strong leadership team, and ensuring they have everything they need to be  successful – but actually also (I hope to overdeliver!)

If that meant you discontinue with Pearl Lemon (that would really suck!) then so be it – but please know (as evidenced by the blog above) I’ve been putting steps in place for this transition since the beginning of September.

[convertful id=”197358″]

This means (as you can imagine) tons of training and preparation and planning has gone into this. It’s not a decision that’s been made lightly!

I’m committed to the bigger goal of growing this company effectively and giving the people in my team the opportunity to shine

Furthermore, if you are on this blog right now then you’ll notice I’ve got a bunch of things going on.

Honestly – I’m not the best person within Pearl Lemon to be working on your project anymore.

I’m not close enough to your work to know the ‘ins and outs’. 

Where there’s a case I have been and am in – I can promise you that I’ve got the team up to speed on everything that’s required (and typically those you work with day to day know 80-100% of what’s happening anyway).

I’m confident you won’t notice a difference. And where you do – I can promise we’re working really hard to minimise any issues, that it’ll be a smooth transition and that you’ll be happy with the ultimate outcome.

In case you’re totally unaware of whose managing your project – contact [email protected] (the interim CEO and current COO at Pearl Lemon) and she’ll help get you up to speed.

If after all of this it still doesn’t work for you…well then all I can do is give you my apologies and wish you well.

But stay! This is an exciting time to be our client because honestly – all of the team (including those who work with you) have got alot to do to impress me (and you!) – so I expect the effort level to rise.

And being honest – the effort and execution levels are high anyway.

Regardless – thank you so so much for choosing Pearl Lemon is your partner in growth. It means so much that companies choose us, and the team knows that you’re our #1 priority.

There’s no ‘Pearl Lemon’ without you. 

A Message To Clients Who Have Never Met Me And Potential Future Clients

I hope my ambition with what I’m trying to achieve with the Pearl Lemon Group cements my belief that the way we do things is so so different from the way others do.

I intend that the Pearl Lemon Group becomes (and maybe already is) an agency like no other and that you’ll also see this in the calibre of the team that is helping service your campaign.

Thank you so much for your support!

A Message To My Team

Hey guys and gals,

Really proud of you for stepping up to the plate!

Remember what the Pearl Lemon culture is about.

Constant innovation and application of ingenuity. 

A no-BS way of getting things done and getting it done effectively and in the fastest way possible. 

Massive accountability for your own tasks, for taking charge, and having massive integrity.

If you agree to something – then do it. Have absolute integrity.

When asked to demonstrate the work you’ve done – be sure to be able to pull together a robust audit trail as proof of this.

And be committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence.

What Will You Do Then Deepak?

There’s a bunch of things I want to get done.

For this week off specifically, I’d like to find a Chef I can trust and hire to launch Plant Sumo (a vegan food brand I’m building) locally here in Fulham where I live.

That would be a big achievement if I can get that sorted.

A chef would then need a kitchen and then I’d need to bank-roll the chef and the kitchen – so I’d love to CEMENT this in stone during my time away.

The other thing I wish to do is to finish another edit of my novel ‘The Death Of Richard Finkford’. 

Working on these two and getting them done would be amazing!

The other brands that are part of Pearl Lemon overall –

  • Serpwizz
  • Send Koala
  • Pearl Lemon Properties
  • Pearl Lemon Recruitment 
  • Pearl Lemon PR
  • Lemforms 
  • Lemvids 

I’ll think about them when I’m back perhaps.

Serpwizz and Send Koala require some work from me so I’ll probably attend to that as well.

Apologies I can’t be more specific than that – I’m just stepping into virgin territory for me so…who knows how it’ll end up!