Building My Investments; Brick By Brick

Building My Investments_ Brick By Brick

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Morning all,

Thu 26 Aug

I just completed on my 6th property this week after it taking absolutely ages to come through (it’s been ongoing for months).

I’m trying to complete on two more with a sourcing company I work with, and then that’ll be the end of my relationship with them.

Yesterday I also had a financial planning meeting with my brother in law who manages some of my investments.

We decided to put £20,000 as a cash payment into my pension and then set up a direct debit so that £1,000 a month goes into the pension and then it’s a case of just forgetting about that contribution as it goes in each month.

So there we’ve got – my pension contribution, and my real estate contributions if you will.

My father manages my properties, and he does so excellently, better than any agent I could ask for.

Then there’s my agency investment – and this is perhaps the most important one. i.e how I’m trying to grow the roots of the business by continually reinvesting.

It’s interesting looking (in a way) at the similarities across the board with all of these investments.

Each of them – property, my agency and financial investing – has been (and will continue to be) several year journeys.

As much as I like to try and move things forward quickly – none of it has been quick in the end – but rather a slow and steady process of growth I’ve undergone with it all.

I thought I’d have 10+ properties now – but in the end, I have 6. I thought my agency would be multi-million £ in size/growth by now – it is far from it. I thought I’d have more financial investments locked away now.

I do not.


Writing that out just as I’ve written it has sunk my energy. So let’s lift it back up again!

Success takes time!

Success is also relative presumably because I’m sure there’s many a person who would look at what I’ve put together and argue that the success is already self-evident.

But the beauty is in the journey rather than any set destination.

No matter what we have – all of us want more. All of us want to grow from wherever we are to the next place.

That’s actually the fun of it all.

The relentless pursuit and chase of it all.

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It was nice to finally see the 6th property complete. It’s been a long time coming – and hopefully (as ball achingly slow as it is) – the two pending properties are one’s that go smoothly.

Or is it one?

I lose track at some point.

Regardless, it’s nice to have it bubbling in the background and knowing that my dad can be the caretaker of all these properties whilst I focus on trying to grow the top line of Pearl Lemon.

Certainly, that is where I’m aggressively focussed from an investment standpoint.

My accountant was taking me through Hargreave Lansdowne as well as Vanguard as other potential places to look at investments.

I.e funds.

I’ll probably look at an S&P500 tracker – this is with Vanguard. Put £10,000 in there and forget about it.

It’s interesting looking at this blog and what it’s turned into.

Daily journaling basically!

I find it therapeutic and a great way to share my thoughts with the world.

Or rather with myself haha.

Anyway – that’s it today.

Catch you tomorrow!

P.s I’m back from my holiday’s in Italy. Feels good to be working!