Trying To Build Organization Amongst The Chaos

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Hi guys,

Sun 25 Jul

Been a couple of days since I’ve written a blog – and it feels like so much is happening internally.

It’s complete chaos for sure.

Let me try and break it down for you.

So building my sales team continues to be super challenging.

I’ve got a combination of people that are leaving/I’m removing them from the business as well as others who are coming up and showing progress.

Adam – one of the teams who’ve been with us the longest has now left the team. We had differences in expectations of the role which fundamentally meant us working together long-term was incompatible.

Pearl Lemon Leads is now at a stage where it needs full-time, long-term people who I can grow, cultivate and develop to become great leaders within the business.

At the moment I’m trying to identify those core players that I hope can be with us for the long term.

Right now there are a couple of people that have the right attitude I hope to become great people within the team. It’s very early so fundamentally it’s still too early to say whether this will end up being the case.

However – as our client list has exploded – it’s forced the business to evolve.

This is fundamentally a good thing – because it’s forcing me to weed out the weak, up the general standard, clarify expectations, and generally focus on getting things better and better.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind the last several months –

I just took a look and the first video I uploaded for ‘New Sales Team Training’ was more or less June 1st – so in 7-weeks I’ve recorded 75 videos and built out a training programme from scratch:

New Sales

If we look to the same things with Copywriting training for cold email – this journey began exactly one month ago – June 25th – and we now have 16 videos on copywriting training:

Cold Email

The third layer to this is the client targeting training where we think about the targeting per client as well:

Targeting Client

So this gives a sense of the measure of work involved in trying to grow and develop the people I have.

We’re beginning to see the fruits of our labor with better reporting, more leads coming in via email as well as LinkedIn – and the hardest part – cold calling – is something that’s beginning to show the earliest signs of promise.

[convertful id=”197358″]

This process will be accelerated by the new sales interview process for anyone coming onboard at Pearl Lemon Leads:

Some Insights

This is the new ‘testing process’ for anyone who comes on board with us – a 2-hour cold call test to give them a sense of expectation about what’s required to succeed.

So in spite of all of the madness of late – these things will become massive success drivers I hope as we seek to build an amazing lead-generation team that can consistently deliver results irrespective of the campaign they’re working on.

The other changes now are also hiring fast and firing fast as I attempt to cycle through people who are fit for the task – and trying to learn to trust my gut faster.

It’s a difficult job trying to identify great people early – but I’m hoping that the example above I’ve posted unearths people who at least understand what the expectations are for success within Pearl Lemon.

It’s been a turbulent few months – but I am sure that the effort that’s been put into building this process – it’ll unearth people and processes that will forever change our ability to be successful.

Certainly, the skill level of Lydia, Tenny, and then the incoming new players should hopefully be high – and those who are from the old guard that is now leaving us – Lokesh, Adham, and the like – will herald better days for us as we seek to try and deliver for our clients and internally alike.

It’s great to see Vasco begin to book appointments consistently and to see my nephew and niece Gary and Rebecca show the kind of promise that I hope will bring a big future for the company.