How To Build Evergreen Lead Generation Campaigns

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Morning all,

Tue 2 Nov

I thought I’d run you through some of the evergreen lead generation campaigns I’ve built and how you can effectively use cold email to scale anything that you want effectively.

Let me give you a few practical examples of what we’re doing at Pearl Lemon.

Podcast Promotion Funnel

So each day as it stands I record podcasts on my phone.

Naturally – I want to promote it in some kind of ‘set and forget’ manner.

What we have done is scrape a list of ‘founders’ from LinkedIn (around 15,000 contacts) and I’ve put together a friendly email funnel introducing people to my podcast.

It’s a 3-step email sequence and we’ve just scraped professional email addresses and it’s set to go out to 50 people per day.

I’ve told the team let’s ‘swap out the domain 1x per month’ to stop it from getting stale – and that’s it basically.

In this way I have a funnel that’s promoting my podcast to founders (my ideal target audience) on a daily basis.

Accounting Funnel

Pearl Lemon Accountants is one of the newer businesses I’m trying to start – so with this in mind I’ve put together a simple email funnel targeting marketing agencies and freelancers.

Similarly to above – we’ve scraped a list of marketing agency owners, freelancers and otherwise from LinkedIn (30,000 in this case).

Once again it’s a targeted 3-step email funnel that because it’s relevant hopefully should generate some decent results for us when it comes to building new business

Forever Green Marketing Funnel

Now, as part of our work at Pearl Lemon Leads we have to build tons of data for different clients.

There’s always 30% of it that doesn’t get used because some of the data isn’t relevant to them, the client has a change in strategy and sometimes we’re doing exploratory research to identify how much contact data we can find.

This means at any given time as we have 5,000 ‘additional’ emails that we pull out from our data mining that just sits unused.

What I’ve now done is create a general ‘this is what we do at the Pearl Lemon Group, we’d love to talk to you email.’

Again this is a 3-step email campaign that is designed to be read by any decision maker within the company.

Set to go out to 50 people per day.

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The Shared Interests Funnel

As an individual – here are some examples of interests I have:

  • Tattoos
  • Marathon running
  • Cats

Now imagine – if you ran email outreach to any founder of a company (or marketing director or otherwise) who also has tattoos?

Pretty interesting talking point right?

Well this is what we’re doing with our shared interests funnel – we’ve got a laundry list of interests and put together contact data for all of them to build an effective outreach campaign for it.

Again, 3-step email sequences going out to 50 people per day.

10,000+ contacts.

That’s 4-funnels equalling 200 emails per day.

Between these funnels I hope to generate 4 leads per day ;P


Currently these are the three funnels that are running – and there are some specific parameters that need to be met in order for this process to be effective:

  1. We need to be able to scrape at least 5,000 contacts as then the campaign can run 100 days without interruption pretty much
  2. We need to be able to pull out quite a varied range of decision makers – meaning the emails need to be quite broad
  3. The emails need to be humorous and human so they can elicit a response from anyone AND/OR they need to be targeted and therefore relevant


Do you see how easy it is to practically build evergreen and relevant email campaigns for your business?

There’s always a ‘way’ – you just need to find it 🙂