The Necessity Of Applying Massive Pressure Upon Yourself


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Hey, it’s Deepak Shukla here! Thank you for listening to my podcast – down below you will find the notes and key takeaways from today’s podcast so you can implement them in your everyday life! 

What’s up, guys? The time is 12:05 a.m. It’s now Saturday, the 6 November. I didn’t get to do my daily podcast today, so I wanted to record it before I get to bed because I’m feeling pretty motivated, inspired. 

Right now, I think that one of the things that I really encourage everybody who’s running a business or trying to basically raise the bar to set a new standard is to place pressure upon yourself.

Place consistent pressure upon yourself because the net result will push you into places that will ultimately benefit you. 

New Talent


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What do I mean by that? We’ve got some new people that have come on in total. We’ve got Robbie, we’ve got Josh, we’ve got Wayne, and we’ve got Jamie, and we’ve got Jamie, especially as well as Josh. Massively impressive and have a desire and commitment to want to make this work.

When you meet people that you think have got that level of talent, you want to do things for them, and you want to see their success. 

And I had, like, probably an hour-long call getting to know Jamie today, which is the first time I’ve done that with anyone on kind of the new business team. And when you meet people where there’s some synergy and when you are in an environment where people rely upon you.

 Let’s say, Yelena, she’s got a visa requirement so there was a different type of dependence where salary comes in.

It’s got a growing team basically, and salaries to support.

What’s Next?


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It makes me want to head first into this state of trying to aggressively grow the business and improve the operation. So I think that a lot of that comes from ambition combined with pressure and the commitment to get it in and want to make things work. 

What type of Pressure?

And I just want you to think about that when it comes to your own lives. How can you manifest, and let’s call it, positive pressure? There are different kinds of pressures, don’t get me wrong.

The pressure from someone who belittles or discourages you or from work that doesn’t play to your strong suits or work that you find challenging but doesn’t add ultimate value isn’t the right kind of pressure. 

It’s the pressure that forces you to grow the business for the ultimate good of the business. 

Jamie’s, come on to the US side of the company. It surprised me in an ultimately net positive way that he is only interested in calendar bookings. It’s related to the calibre of what he does to a degree.


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I think Josh wants the same thing.Everyone wants the same thing in hindsight. But what is beautiful about that is it really forces me to look at it. 

Okay, how can we get even more calendar bookings than we’re getting currently? How can we grow the business even further, faster, stronger? And that’s what drives me to record some of these voice notes.

I’m doing it almost now because it’s a message to myself that next week we need to get on the phones. I need to build a continuous pipeline for the US and the UK side of the business. 

And I need to do what needs to be done to see the company succeed. 

That comes from finding great people and thinking that you need to find a way to make it work. 

So there’s tolerance or resilience you need to build as part of a process like this, it will cause you at times to want to pull your hair out, to have your hair fall out to question and to have the late night, particularly remember this whole summer, the pressure of trying to make things work, which was really challenging and where it’s taken the business to now, in terms of the next level is absolutely incredible.

We’ve got appointments that are happening from the web development side of the business, and that would not have happened without Josh coming in. 

Me deciding to drive the business aggressively from the appointment perspective, from the appointments not turning up and then from me coming in. And now I’m thinking that, well, hey, you know what? I want to build up a pipeline. We need to make cold calls into the state.

We’re going to need to set up appointments for Jamie to fill his diary. And no matter what the outcome is of pressure, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If you’re going through hell, keep going. 

The net result when you look back on it after four weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks is going to be that the company is going to be stronger.

You’re going to be stronger no matter what the process entails, no matter what if ultimately the Jamie’s, then Josh’s, the Robbies Wayne’s, no matter the Judes, no matter if they all ultimately left, you’re going to be left stronger.



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So apply massive pressure, get out there and make promises and back it up with absolutely massive action. That’s part of the reason I’m recording a podcast at ten minutes past twelve. Now, it’s part of the reason I have determined that tomorrow for at least 30 minutes, I want to go on the phone. 

I’m just organising and realigning the team to make five appointments a day every day from Monday to load up the calendar. And I’m going to spend part of this weekend planning that out.

So guys, look at where you want to go and place pressure where the absence of you achieving or succeeding will impact the people you care for or impact yourself. It will inspire you to go out there and just do things that perhaps otherwise you would not have pushed to do so.

Apply pressure.

Key Takeaways

  • Setting a new standard is by placing pressure upon yourself.
  • No matter what your process holds you will be stronger.
  • Make promises and back it up with immediate actions.