36 Ways To Address Your Anxiety On Reddit


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Morning guys,


Here’s the time again this morning,

And if you read my blogs you’ll know right now that I’m suffering from a decent amount of anxiety because I’m not yet happy with the performance of my lead generation team.

We’re not delivering at the levels we should be and so it’s a case of Lydia to understand how to resolve things step by step.

Well, whilst I was googling to find some alternative solutions to anxiety – I happened to stumble upon this:


I was blown away – by how many people look for solutions to their anxiety on Reddit.

This is what appears when you Google ‘anxiety reddit’ – it’s the #1 search.


As you can see there are 470k members (of whom 740 are online).

Assuming only 10% of these folks are actually active, that’s still 47,000 strong – a community all focused on anxiety and looking at ways to deal with it.

It’s kind of given me an entry point to the platform – because despite all of its many advantages I’m often told about – for whatever reason I’ve just not ‘got it’ when it comes to figuring out how to engage with the platform.

And taking a look at the range of discussion points that are listed on the platform it seems that there’s an incredible amount of opportunity to learn how to deal with your own challenges on the platform.


As you can see above it’s incredibly active.

There’s also the opportunity to filter by section so you can focus on an area that’s more related to your needs:

[convertful id=”197358″]


(This is on the right-hand side).

Btw – I should add this is just one of multiple Reddit threads where you can go to get advice –


Here’s another one that’s active and also another powerful reference point you can turn to get advice.

Outside of this – let’s explore what we can learn from what Reddit says about coping with anxiety by summarising what Bustle has referenced about it (with my personal thoughts in brackets lol)

  1. Stop and count up to 10 (this is something that my mum says actually haha)
  2. Reduce your caffeine intake (this one, in particular, is a tough one for me)
  3. Thinking in small time blocks (i.e breaking down challenges one at a time)
  4. Practice Yoga (my partner Strawberry would love this….I wouldn’t lol)
  5. Get yourself under a weighted blanket – (this is definitely comforting!)
  6. Wander around a store (with no real goal – this can help relax you apparently)
  7. Get a massage (I can vouch for this one lol)
  8. Rant (I do this at the end of my workday with Strawberry now and again – but also with certain team members lol – always healthy)
  9. Spend time with groups i.e social situations can distract you (although this can also sometimes make the feeling worse)
  10. Sing…(well I sing to myself in the shower woop woop)
  11. Read..(I listen – to audible)
  12. Crochet (i.e knitting….pass)
  13. Clean (like the kitchen or otherwise – this can work – I vouch for this one)
  14. Cry when you need to (it’s pretty cathartic)
  15. Get reassurance from someone close to you (or not close – either way it helps)
  16. Talk to yourself (positive self-talk – I also do this in the shower lol)
  17. Spend time gardening (pass for me – but my mum used to do this a lot)
  18. Laugh (yes yes and yes!)
  19. Play video games (championship manager here I come!)
  20. Write (this I do – I’m doing it now – it helps me every day)
  21. Bake….(pass…I am not into cooking lol)
  22. Practice mindfulness (this takes time to figure out – but then…yes!)
  23. Spend time with your pet (I do this daily – Jenny my cat!)
  24. Watch something funny (a classic this one is)
  25. Listen to ASMR videos (I had to google this – autonomous sensory meridian response – never heard of it before – I’ll have to try it and report back!)
  26. Do the 5-step sense (wow don’t know this one either – will need to look it up)
  27. Go for a drive (I don’t have a car so I’d go for a walk lol)
  28. Drink tea (this is nice especially when it’s cold!)
  29. Listen to music – (do this when I run AND walk!)
  30. Take a hot bath (good reminder – been a long time for me!)
  31. Get some rest (always a good but sometimes too much is a bad thing)
  32. Meditate – (this makes sense if you can make it work lol)
  33. Do whatever you want (well I guess it means mixing up your routine!)
  34. Work it out (i.e exercise I think – this is huge ofc)
  35. Spend quiet time outdoors (Strawberry misses nature – we’ll need to get back to Italy)

Anyway – these are all taken from Bustle whom I understand took it from Reddit.

In any event – it was the search volume that most startled me – 11,000 searches globally And if we include all the variations it’ll probably be over 100,000 a month.

That’s incredible, and a statistic that underlines just HOW powerful Reddit can be for your mental health – use it as your secret weapon!