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It was the winter of 2019 and I’d decided to myself – you know what Deepak – you love writing.

Words have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

3 months later, come Jan 22nd I’d written close to 91,000 words.

Word Count

I definitely hadn’t seen that coming.

But by the time those 12-weeks had passed. I was done.

Coronavirus took over the world…and I was…

all out of words.

7 months have passed since pen had touched pad for my 52k series.

It was well beyond 52k now.

It was something else entirely.

But then…recently something changed.

I’m not sure what exactly but…

At the time of writing now it’s

Sat 22 Aug

And I’m back…writing again.

Here’s me right now:

Deepak Shukla

I am ready to pick up the pen again.

And continue taking you through my journey.

We’ll start with the present before diving back into my past and discussing some of the things I’ve been through.

I’d had something of a reawakening the last several months.

I’ve probably written another 100,000+ words on my blog if you’ve had a chance to check:

My Blog

I got all the way to day 59

Here’s the link in case you can’t be bothered to google it yourself.

You can get more of a sense of what’s happening over there.

Today’s post is very much about getting once again into the act of writing itself – rather than writing to tell you any particular story.

I’m so pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten from my 52k words.

It still to date, has no commercial goals, half of the things I’ve written about haven’t come to fruition, other things have totally failed, and I’ve also had some big successes along the way.

But then I guess that’s kind of the balance of life right?


I’ve hired a writing coach:

This guy Chris Myers:

Meeting View

The lady on the left is Tannishtha – she’s an intern at Pearl Lemon (we’ll come to that as well – although I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my internship program – but hey, that’s the beauty/danger of these things – I’ll need to spend some time familiarising myself with my own work again).

Although as of July 22nd, 2020 I also started writing my first ever fiction novel –

You can see it below:

‘The Death of Richard Finkford’.

I’m averaging a word count of around 2,100 words per day (excluding the recent holiday that I took).

It follows Richard telling the story of his childhood whilst he’s on his deathbed to his confidante – and follows the life and times of Richard.

I’d like to think it’s pretty interesting – my writing coach tells me it is – and ultimately I guess I’ll know once I finish the thing.

Word Count

I can tell you this much at least – it’s certainly an awesome ride writing it.

So, on balance, having just thought about all of this as I write – it seems that ultimately I haven’t stopped writing at all.

I’m feeling quite pleased about that as I called this post 7 months later. And all that has really meant is that I was away writing other stuff.

But I’m back now.

I’ve grown attached to this newsletter Mr or miss reader. Whenever you come across this very post that I’m writing right now.

I think it’d be pretty awesome if you come upon it 5 years after the time of writing and in some way, I don’t know if it’s possible – that this still exists and you actually comment and reply to this post saying ‘hey man its {{firstName}}, I’m still here!’.

I find it makes me feel at peace with the world.

Having the opportunity to write. To share, and to have you journey with me inside my psyche, as I talk to you of my learnings and ramblings about my world, and hopefully elements that resonate with yours.

Something has to, I guess 🙂

I feel like I should list what else has happened outside of those 110,000 words in the 7 months I’ve been away from you.


I’ve started maybe another gazillion business ideas.

I’m kind of adverse to talking you through each of them right now, so I’ll talk solely now in terms of things on the more practical front.

Pearl Lemon is having our best August I believe. This is our year-on-year

Reports Overview

So that’s really positive.

When we last caught up discussing the business we were mainly focused on Lead Generation as well as SEO (which we still are) – but now we also have Cold Calling Clients – which is a wild ride.

I’ll talk about that in more depth when I figure out what the hell I wrote in all my previous posts.

I’ve just written so many ‘new’ things since then that it’s hard to figure it all out :p.

The property adventure also continues.

I own 4 places now and am trying to buy 5 more at the same time which is interesting.

One of them is an MUP (multiple unit property) so maybe I’m cheating when I say buying 4 more – as one of these properties will contain 4 flats within one building.

But saying 9 just sounds cooler right?

I’ve also gone on something of an Audible Odyssey – I’ve probably listened to over 250 hours of audio in less than 4 months (the last 4 months for reference).

That’s rewiring my brain I’m pretty certain. The way I think about things has changed a huge amount and I think I believe in myself more than I ever used to.

I’ll write a post talking about reading ‘club’ at some point.

I’m getting sued – I have a small claims court hearing on September the 7th – a former client is taking me to court. I’ve also had another frustrated client who demanded a $7.2k refund.

So there’s definitely been some hairy moments with business.

Two things actually brought me back to continuing with my newsletter.

The first is my good friend Ravi – here’s what I said to him last night:

Ravi Shukle Message

Ravi Shukle Message

As you can see above – I committed to writing another 50 newsletters else.

And I said if I didn’t write this today (and the time is 22.38 on a Saturday evening… there are definitely other things I could be doing with my time)…I’d send him $200.

Some things don’t change – and accountability is definitely one of them.

[convertful id=”197358″]

I said to my writing coach Chris the same thing yesterday having come back from my holiday:

Chris Wrting Coach

So right now I’m running on fumes a little bit.

But having a shock to your system can be a good way to get back into the swing of things after months off and a holiday I just came back from.


I am trying to think about what else has changed. There’s several new software tools that are either pre-build, mid-build or close to finish.

Then there’ll hopefully be the app that’ll get me to $100k a month just from the SaaS space – I continue to plod forward and will follow up with perhaps the updated version of my investment philosophy and how I’m looking at building maybe 10 things at once.

I guess, what I’m trying to say, lol, is that life is very full, and I continue to do my best to ‘attack it’, so I can share with you stories from all that I’m learning.

You can actually check out all that I’ve learned by going through some of the free education materials I’ve got on my free courses side. Right now there are 27 free courses here:

Free Courses

Free Courses

Some of them are webinars I’ve given that have been chopped up to make suitable for popular consumption – but there’s a lot of good stuff here – and this list will soon enough be at 50 – which I’ll be quite proud of.

Part of me thinks I should be making more money, but I have faith that eventually things will fall into place and that god, you or someone will reward me for the work that I do lol.

Sounds super f*cking naive now that I’m writing it down.

But I’m happy, and perhaps that’s the core ingredient – bills are getting taken care of and I’m finding time in my life to really do things I enjoy – like writing this newsletter, like attempting to write a novel, like….

Hiring a running coach!

Yup I work with Nic, from Therunningschool (google them), who walks and runs me through (pun intended lol) how to run more effectively.

We’re 5 weeks into a 6-week program so I do need to tell you about that soon also.


I’m being reflective as I share and write this stream of consciousness to you and look back at what’s happening and what the big elements here are.

I think action and experimentation are the big keys here.

An example of this – is that working with multiple properties sources has made ME decide to get into the property services game because of the amount of commission these guys take relative to the easy work they do lol

Here’s my site –

Pearl Lemon Properties

We’ve got maybe 5 blogs up so far and I’m hopeful this time next year this’ll be a legitimate business based upon inbound leads.

Because my partner is Italian – I’m also looking at the Italian market:

Keyword Overview

This project is new but I’m excited to see where this is by August 2021.

Did I mention I ended up partnering with my Forex company?

We’re now officially in business together and are doing outreach in Italy as well as the UK. You can check our brand out

My investments in Forex have powered my first 4 property purchases so it’s definitely worked for me and I’m happy to walk you through it if you’re interested in generating an additional £5-15k per month in some cases.


Today was mainly about slapping the writing of my newsletter bug BACK into my prefrontal cortex.

I keep checking word count as today is more about the grind than the quality if I’m being honest.

Sorry if it’s shittier content than normal but hopefully it isn’t half bad.

Although it’s only been 7 days in your world…it’s been 7 months in time. But that’s the beauty, right?

We can time travel together.

I wonder if 5 years pass at some point and you just see the 5-day gap. That would be a shame (because it would mean I stopped writing) but also AWESOME because you’d get an oral timelapse almost.

You would really be a time traveler.

Gosh, I’m kind of envious of you haha.

Anyway, I’m so happy we’re back here.

Day 60.

Onwards I march towards day 100!