The 100km Running Challenge With My Siblings


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Morning all,

For me at least anyway –

I’ve got a Jolt webinar starting in 80 minutes which will last around 75 minutes and I’ve not yet done any preparation for it.

Thankfully it’s an area that I know very well –

Of course, the challenge is, is that I’ve got to follow a prescribed lecture for this webinar and it’s that that I’m yet to watch and look through.

But hey-ho, it’s 842am and I woke up around an hour ago, and I’m just working through the big things on my to-do list.

Ironically – although this isn’t a ‘revenue-generating’ activity because me writing for my personal blog doesn’t get me anywhere commercial (yet!) –

There are two reasons it’s important:

  • My integrity – I told Chris I’d get these done every morning without fail
  • My happiness – I’d call this a happiness generating activity

This is the opportunity I’m now given every morning to enjoy some time with my own thoughts and unburden myself (for you lol).


100km Challenge

So back to the titles and supposed premise of this blog post – the November 100km challenge.

I woke up at 7.45am this morning because I was physically tired and my body demanded rest from me.

This week (Mon-Fri at least) I’ve woken up between 430-530am and have started my day immediately without napping.

In this time, I’ve managed to run every single day of the week in line with the challenge I’m engaged in with my sisters.

Shanti, Kanti, and Aarti are all running on Strava in line with their November challenge.

It’s very cool that I’m in a group of 5 of us siblings and everyone is interested in health and fitness

As you can see here – we’re comparing splits and my sister Kanti is soaring away into the lead!

Hers are my efforts for the first week:

This average out at 5.3km per day – very manageable – but then if you compare it to my running distance over the last 3-months:

It’s the most I’ve run over the last few months.

This would explain the tiredness with which I start the week.

[convertful id=”197358″]


It reminds me of what the Homeopathic consultant that Strawberry and I see said when I told him that my running has slowed down over the ensuing winter months.

‘Yes we’re coming into a period of hibernation – so naturally you’ll be less inclined to run in the cold weather. You’re young and have reserves of energy to draw upon of course so you can probably push through – but your body will pay a price that’ll follow you into the spring months’.

This isn’t verbatim – but was interesting for me to think about as I sit here typing this out to you on a Monday morning.

To understand the toll that regular running can play upon your energy levels – but equally how addictive it is.

Some Personal Bests

I’ve completed my personal bests in the last few weeks for 1k, 1 mile, 5k and 10k all since I’ve been involved with the running school:

The 5k and 10k best effort was completed on the same run incidentally:


It’s great having Strava and these numbers to track – it’s taken my years to get onto the app – but since I’ve got on it – no looking back.

And that’s also what’s attractive about the 100km challenge – entering it has led me to get more involved with my sisters, to run my 5k and 10k personal bests out of nowhere…

And sets me up for this week in trying to see if I can go faster again 😛

There’s an innate competitive spirit that lives within all of us that helps us rise to such occasions and I’ve got my sister Aarti to thank for encouraging us to all join the 100k November challenge.

We’re all a part of it now and I’ve consequently run personal bests and run further than I have in the last 3 months.


This seems an appropriate place to wrap up this post, as I look towards the rest of my day –

I’m tired, and for good reasons and another week with clients and new business dealings await me.

Here’s a time check:

23 minutes into writing this post I am that means and I’ve written a total of:

It feels the natural place to end, but I’d be remiss without leaving you with at least one thing to think about –

How can you help kindle the competitive spirit that lives within you to push you towards new heights?

Find something that would represent a good challenge for you today – and use these words with someone whose opinion matters to you:

‘Hey X I bet….’

‘And if I don’t do it I will…..’

See you on the next blog – happy Monday from me 😛