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Hello guys,

Deepak here. So right now it’s 8:09 am and I’m sitting in Costa, West Kensington with my hot chocolate determined to start writing for the next 60 minutes and just to see what happens.

Deepak Shukla

I had the harebrained idea after reading Indie Hackers blogs voraciously over the last several weeks (well maybe a week) that I’d commit to writing 52 blogs – all a minimum of 1,000 words each.

That’s (yup you guessed it) 52,000 words.

Now currently you’re on the get an email 1x every 3-day sequence. If you’d like to get it 1x per day –

That was the thought at least at around 5:50 am this morning….:p

It happened in particular because of an app I saw on IH that I’d love to clone – 750words.com.

It’s a site dedicated to keeping a personal journal.

And well I decided I’d keep one – but make it public. And make it a public memoir of sorts.

For a long time, I’ve held a desire to share the stories of my experiences…and with enough digging, you’ll find bits of it in fragmented forms across the Internet.

But I have wanted for a long time to build a consolidated piece of content that could describe what my life has been like for the last 33.5 years.

Some people know me as Deepak Shukla, founder of SEO Agency Pearl Lemon, or Deepak Shukla property landlord…or Deepak Shukla ‘entrepreneur’ (god I hate that word).

But I’d definitely call myself more of an adventurer.

It is an adventure in my life that I seek.

Much in the same way as deciding to write a minimum of 52k words

And this is Apollo 13.

This is the kick-off.

This is ground zero!

This is me deciding to DO this in real time.

And, so I guess the idea I have for these emails is for them to follow a stream of consciousness and for them to be my way of sharing some of my experiences and life lessons I’ve learned in my 33.5 years.

Here are some titles I’ve written so far:

Gosh, it feels crazy even writing it down.

But yes writing is something that’s always been with me since I was a kid

I still remember my Quora hey-days (if you can even call it that) where I got over 20 million views of my writing.

I wrote 1,100 answers over a 4-month period.

And that journey gave me so much!

I was actually an English Literature major back at Warwick University in the class of 2008 and before (and after that) I was a rapper.

Here’s a link to my very first mixtape

Here’s my original ‘crew’:

(More on this in the coming emails)

I’d like to make a shout-out to hustlers like the guys at 750words.com, as you got me to decide that I should commit to writing 1000 words per day.

What an amazing idea – writing and creating a streak of days.

[convertful id=”197358″]

Here’s me using the app right now:

There you go I’ve just copied all of this content across 🙂

With that in mind –

I’m not sure what to tell you to expect over the next 52 days (and then some)….

Other than that it will be filled with fun, learning and adventure (as per the titles above) – a lot like my life has been 😛

And that much of it will be spontaneous – like reading Indie Hackers, then deciding to write 52k words then signing up to Ulysses (then ditching it – another writing up), 750 words and getting to 588 words!

I’m not sure how effective it is – but I mostly make up stuff as I go along in my life – and this is a testament to that.

But nonetheless –

I’m excited at this prospect.

Because – that process – the one of taking instant action is one that has got me sitting here with:

  • My 1.5-litre bottle of water with a tea bag on my left
  • A left-handed vertical USB mouse
  • My lightning Novoo adaptor (Amazon bought)
  • A 2nd hand £900 Macbook bought on Gumtree
  • My Chinese Pocophone
  • My hot chocolate
  • Dressed in black and ready to write (this bullet point was probably unnecessary but it somehow made me feel cool)

Having come from my flat having already:

  • Checked in with my sales guy (the Greek-Ion) who’s on his way to meet a client running an escort website (I know) in Valencia, Spain!
  • Had a chat with my developer based in Lahore, Pakistan who is finishing the final features for Dr Hidden today and tomorrow
  • Spoken to my SEO team regarding hiring an-in house developer and signed off on a Pearl Lemon rebuild project
  • Read up on the Indie Hackers Stuff

And now being here – with you 🙂

And that’s why I’m looking forward to telling you about my first-ever Ironman in South Africa.

About falling in love with the love of my life, Daniela – a beautiful woman from a village in North Italy near Turin

The pain and destruction that applying to the SAS bought.

As well as my travels and travails around the world…

Not to mention (of course) my insights into business and the journey that I’m on.

Right now (and this may change) – I make no promises as to the formula and fashion this journey will take.

But I can tell you that I definitely see it as a grand undertaking!

This series will serve as a looking glass into my life; an opportunity to understand what I think about, how I think about things, the things I’ve done and how my life has developed.

I may even make reference to my parent’s journey with their arranged marriage and their life near Heathrow Airport and what they have gone through in raising me and building a life in London.

If you’ve subscribed to this series because you’re a client, a fan, a friend of mine or perhaps someone who has purchased something of mine before…


I’m not sure if this is going to be for everyone…

What I can definitely tell you is that it’s definitely going to be for me.

Life has been a bloody adventure so far and I welcome you into the adventure that is my life!

And that is the theme of 52k words as you’ll come to discover – adventure.

Through these words, you will get to see deeply into my life and hopefully learn some things that can help you navigate your own life with increased deftness, skill and intelligence.

And that’s what I hope to give you over the next 52 days…in 1,000+ words per day

My life in 52 days.

Sent to you every 3-days

In 52,000+ words.

And in the next newsletter, you’ll discover how I built a multi 6-figure marketing agency…working 10 hours a week.