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Morning all,


It’s a little bit of a strange one this morning in terms of what I’m working on so I thought I’d take the time to share some of this with you.


The last 24 hours have been really interesting from a productivity and focus standpoint –

You might have read from my review of Focusmate – that I’m literally trying to build ‘focus’ back into my life courtesy of Focusmate – and therefore I wrote a brief review about it –

Well here I am back today in another Focusmate session and this is what I’m planning:


I’m mapping out ALL of the things I want to work on that aren’t necessarily related to the day-to-day runnings of Pearl Lemon.

Basically – if I can stick to Focusmate for 4 days a week – which is the new plan – outside of reading and blogging (which I need to ensure gets done before 7 am) – I’ll have time to ‘work on something each day.

All of us have ‘things’ we wish to work on that we don’t make time for.

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I’m sure the list above has put reminders back into your consciousness of things you want to work on as well as given you some new ideas.

My challenge – is that this stuff comes ‘after’ my agency and if I don’t actually plan it into my life – especially where it takes a concerted effort – then I’ll never actually get the things I wish to do.

As you can see –

The way to ‘hack your productivity is to brainstorm ALL of the things you wish to work on with a ‘one-liner’ as I’ve done in the ‘item’ column.

Next, we want to give this item some more detail to help give it life.

So what often happens (for me at least) is that I’ll have the desire to do something (e.g learn Italian) – but without putting a proper plan in place – it won’t get done.

This is where the ‘detail’ comes in.

Then I assign these actions a difficulty score to understand how difficult the task is actually going to be.

Depending upon the difficulty I can make certain decisions.

Relative to this you then have the timeline (i.e how long it takes to get something done).

Learning Italian is going to take a damn while.

Then you have the immediate next action so I can turn this all into something that’s actually concrete.

What I probably will add is a reward matrix of some kind – i.e ‘how big is the benefit of doing this and what is the ‘cost of not doing this?

I might not end up using all of them – but it’s something I just drafted up over the last 20 minutes and now – well here I am sharing it with you.

I’ve got about 1 minute left of my focus mate session and after that, I need to prepare for my 8 am meeting…

So that’s me finished up – I hope this gives you some insights into how to think about productivity moving forward


And this is precisely the point – that’s how a day can often go – i.e meetings and the like come up and we take urgency over long-term importance.

That’s why for me this is the biggest productivity hack I’ve had in a long while because if I (for now)