Why Consistency Is The Ultimate Key To Success [and how to use it]

Consistency is key to success

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Morning all,

Today marks day 26th of my writing –


It’s definitely not the 5am time (or before) I’m ideally writing by – but it got me thinking about consistency in general.

In parallel I’m watching some eCommerce business launch courses and one of the things that the main dude Franklin Hathchett says is that many people fail because they just give up way too soon.

And I had that kind of ‘I could be doing more productive things with my time’ moment this morning.

So, I wanted to write this in a bid to motivate you my reader (as much as myself) – to keep on going:

Consistency Quotes To Keep You Motivated:

I’m jumping onto Google Images and I’m going to nab 5-images to give us both a pep talk – and then I’m also going to back it up with empirical evidence from my personal adventures as well as that which I can find from Google – so here we go guys:

“Small Daily Improvements Are The Key To Staggering Long-Term Results”

Improvement quote

This is absolutely the truth when it comes to consistency being the key to success. A good example of it are each of these blogs I write. With each blog I write I’m doing that little bit MORE keyword research.

It was the case that I was feeling like ‘I have a consistency problem’ this morning – and then I jumped onto Ahrefs to see what keywords I could use to combine something I’m inspired to write about alongside something that’ll hopefully be FOUND by you folks….

That’s when I saw this:

Ahrefs tool

And it pleased me so – because I can (hopefully) kick this up to my SEO team and they can try and rank for this keyword.

Did you know (you can easily see) – I wrote over 300,000 words (personally – myself) without doing a single iota of keyword research.

That’s crazy. But this year – like the quote says – I make small daily improvements and make sure (and this possible is the key) – I consistently write at the start of the day (no matter what time of day that is) – and therefore I hope 2021 will be VERY very different from 2020.

Time will tell

Here’s quote number 2:

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work

leads to success. Greatness will come”

– Dwanye Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

This one is from probably Hollywood’s highest paid actor – through the strength of the personal following that he has amassed over time. I remember someone telling me about an interview they watched with him – asking about how he got to the size he got to.

He smiled and said ‘easy’ I just trained for a couple of hours a day…every day…for years.

Think about that – years….of training….

The Rock

Here’s an example of what his continued hard work has done to his body – and how could he know back 15-20 years ago what following and power carving out such a body could give him? He couldn’t know.

So that’s what I (and what you) must remind yourself is consistency is key.

Whether it’s in your relationship, or blogging like I am, or otherwise in business – if you keep at it…for YEARS – greatness WILL come – and it’ll most likely be the kind of greatness you never see coming.

Quote number 3 –

“I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at time. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows”

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore quote

I think this quote is so so powerful – and coming from someone upon my Googling that I didn’t expect to find – but it has a lot to say about the nature of us all. If you’re on a path or on a mission – or any kind – we all believe we want excellence/success – and we end up chasing it in sprints.

Sprints bring highs – when you knock out something in a shorter time than anyone expected. But ultimately – it is the truth as Drew Barrymore outlines – that in the end consistency trumps all.

I suspect she is talking here about her family life and rise to early fame – but think about what having consistency of action – come hell or high water – can do for your life over time?

Quote number 4

“Work Hard In Silence, Let Success Make The Noise”

Success quote

I’ve seen this bounded about a few times in the past before and I think it’s quite fitting when thinking about consistency being key. The results WILL ultimately speak for themselves when it comes to your ultimate success

And that will speak volumes.

It’ll be you that will be the ultimate beneficiary of all of the success you will reap from doing the same thing over a course of months and years.

I was discussing this with my friend Umesh recently – and he reminded me that the ‘crappy’ videos (I have often called them this haha) that I’ve recorded even of my 100 days of cold email:

YouTube videos

Which are all just 1-2 minutes long, recorded handheld from my phone and done whilst I was on holiday in short bursts – well even they have helped me win clients over time.

[convertful id=”197358″]

And getting to that stage (they were recorded in 2019) – took me several years of screwing around. So it ultimately just means – that seeing success does and will take time.

So remain stuck to consistency and it shall provide.

The Final Quote:

‘It’s not what do we once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently”

– Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins quotes

This is a key reminder (for me at least) – that you can choose to ‘quit’ at any one time – but then that will be yet another ‘thing’ you start, stop then drop.

And that has harmed me massively over the years when it comes to having ‘things’ I can look back upon.

For those who know me – I started ‘trying things’ back when I was a teenage with my music career. But one by one, I’ve given them all up at one point or another – and that’s why neither music, a recording studio, a tutoring agency and the other things that have followed have shaped my life.

Pearl Lemon – the SEO agency I launched back in August of 2017 – HAS shaped my life in the last several years – and that’s grown to be the most significant thing I can point to and say ‘aha’ – I made that.

Why has that been the case?

Consistency. It’s literally that and nothing else.

For all of its warts – I’ve simply stuck with it for several years and I reap the rewards of the 5 properties I’ve bought, the life I’ve lived and all of these other projects I embark upon.

I hope this blog and my YouTube channel will follow a similar journey and I’m realising as I’m writing this that it may well take A LOT more time than I think.

So I’m making a commitment to you reader – that I need to be doing this with my head down for at least 180 days (i.e 6-months) before I review.

That’s how long it takes to see results from SEO.

HOWEVER, I think I need to help fuel the fire.

So here’s my 2nd commitment I’m going to make – immediately after writing my ONE blog per day –

I’m going to also write 5 answers on Quora to help drive traffic to my blog and see where that takes me – and I’ll ALSO do that until June 1st which will be 6 months from Jan 1st.

Tactics To Drive Consistency

Consistency tactics

Write It Down

By writing down what the plan is with your consistency – you give the plan power – because it becomes a real thing – and enforces it in your psyche and subconscious.

As Marshall Mathers said ‘My Words Are Weapons’. (just listened to his verse on this song btw – I think I need to figure out how to do a reaction video again)

Make public statements

You realise that’s what I’m doing right now yes? I’m making a commitment to myself mostly by producing a blog about consistency. And my having it go live it’s something ANYONE can head to and look at and ask – ‘Deepak were you consistent?’

Use Motivational Videos/Songs To Push Through When You’re Low On Motivation

That felt right as I just listened to the Eminem song ‘My Words Are Weapons’ and boy did I get pumped

Centre Commitment Around Something You Love Doing

This is a big mistake behind many of the things that I’ve done in my life. It WASN’T centred around something that I really loved doing – so in the end it was something that I stopped doing.

Gobsmackers, Meet My Tutor, recording endless SEO videos (I’ll definitely be making some)….

I’ve always loved talking and thinking and writing about my journey’s, my adventures and the path that I’m on.

So if I channel that energy into my blog and my YouTube channel – well then there’s a good damn chance that I’ll do that better than anyone else.

If it’s something you find to be a struggle – than you’re doing the wrong thing I promise you.

I wrote 312,000 words last year of content that weren’t in any way directly related towards making commercial returns.

Yes I made mistakes, but I also loved the process – which means I can do it again this year and write another 312,0000 words and make it 10% better than last year.

That’s the kind of mind-bending consistency that only comes from doing something you love.

You MUST enjoy the process

This is a big big key to consistency. If you don’t enjoy the process – well there’s no way you’re going to be successful. This is absolutely key to your journey.

You must find ways to make something enjoyable even if it’s not that great to start off with (which is why I advocate starting small – which we’ll talk about next.

I love writing. I love recording videos. I simply then need to find the way to connect the content I love to create on both video and audio format with commercial success.

Nat Eliason I understand wrote one blog about the Wiki Strategy that ultimately led him to growing a 7-figure content marketing company.

Take a look at the REST of his blog. The man talks about well see:


(From his blog page).

Create Targets That Are Easily Achievable

I used to think this was an odd thing to ‘aim’ for – but I’ve realised it’s literally the PERFECT thing to aim for.

Low bars for achievement release dopamine.

Dopamine makes you feel good about the act of doing something and achieving that something.

This reinforces the action – but repeating the same action doesn’t QUITE get you what you want.

As a consequence you unconsciously raise the bar all a little by yourself in search of at least the same or bigger dopamine hit.

Once you repeat this behaviour – your body/mind connection begins to associate it with feeling good and it can turn into a kind of muscle memory.

That’s why (and I’m still not as deep into it as I want to be) I’m writing this at 8.54am and it feels as natural to me as eating breakfast does.

Starting my day without blogging is now beginning to become strange to me – it feels like it HAS to be the first activity of the day

Remember it’s about consistency, not perfection

This is important to remember. You’ll have some ‘off-days’ or ‘low-achievement days’. Don’t be upset about them – just keep to the hallowed path of consistency.

All top performers have those types of days I’d wager. But having ‘no-work-at-all’ periods are NOT the grounds of top performance – and that’s where you can become elite.

Final Thoughts


I hope this blog was as helpful to you as it’s been to me.

I woke up this morning not feeling on a motivational high, and so decided to write a blog about the power of consistency – and I’m really glad to have done that.

What’s also come out of this blog is a list of 4 videos I’d like to record today – let’s see how I get on with this task:

Video details

Not only that – the other action that’s come out of this – is the decision to write 5 answers per day on Quora.

And AGAIN – just focus on things that I enjoy.

It does make sense to write about consistency I think since I just spent this long talking about it:


Right. I feel ready to move onto my next task now 😛

Here’s the time in case you’re wondering 🙂

Tue 26 Jan