Daily Rant – My Struggles With Building A Remote Team


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Hey guys,


I’m going to (from time to time) start writing these daily rants.


I’m allowing myself 15 minutes to just moan about stuff in a written format.

These won’t contain any keyword research – but rather will function as a way to blow off some steam and then move on with my day.

Seems to stand to reason that since I’m blowing off steam I might as well do it in this written format.

Right now – I’m really pissed off with my lead-generation team.

There are actually a bunch of really talented people all on the team who just keep (for different reasons) getting things wrong.

We have multiple campaigns and for different reasons they’re all having problems and not running to the speed and progress, I want them to be running at.

I think the challenge is – is that these guys are all working remotely.

Prishani is based in South Africa, Lydia is based in the States and Lokesh and Tenny are based in India.

And they’re all (relatively) new to the space of lead generation…which ISN’T a problem in itself – I think it’s the case they’re even NEWER to running a team which is the main challenge.

The communication is asynchronous and I’m realising that some fundamental challenges can be resolved if they all just spoke at the same time daily.

For all of my ‘enjoyment’ when it comes to doing lead generation – I’m definitely seeing a communication breakdown within the team.

All of the team can individually do a lot of stuff really well.

But then the communication is poor – urgency isn’t established – mistakes happen and we end up getting sub-par results.


It’s interesting to draw a parallel between this and my team based in Ahmedabad with Semil and co.

They all work from one office, discuss all clients daily – and are on top of things. Breakdowns happen when they’re all away from each other.

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This happened when Semil was in Canada and there were more challenges.

However, now that I think about it (I wish I could type as quickly as I think) – their communication fundamentally got stronger in the end when Semil did go away because it presented different challenges.

The real issue is perhaps not having a dedicated team – and this is something that I’m still trying to figure out.

Prishani is having second thoughts about the position, Lokesh is underperforming and the whole thing is much messier than I would like at the moment.

We’re working to try and resolve this though.

Prishani is in two minds about quitting and I understand her concerns but I think over this next week we should begin to see a transformation.

Here’s what is been put into place to try and resolve some of these outstanding issues:

  1. The daily conversation being setup
  2. Putting together a project management system via Nifty to help make projects run more smoothly
  3. Continual training from my side to support their general improvement
  4. Recording all video training to ensure the information is disseminated amongst the team
  5. Tenny, Lydia, and Marianna stepping back in to help bolster the team so there are more hands on deck with Tenny leading the data mining and Lydia leading the project management

Prishani handed in her resignation and she’ll stick around till the 1st of May – irrespective of whether she stays or goes there’s some opportunity here to mend issues.

I’m not sure entirely how this will play out – but I feel better having had my rant.

This is probably a more realistic insight into some of the chaos of running an agency and all of the challenges you encounter as a consequence of this.

Right. I’m done – that’s me over and out 🙂