How To Start A Boba Business

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Opening a Bubble Tea store is a great way to start your own small business or grow the one you already have. “A rising tide lifts all ships,” as the saying goes; bubble tea has been going up for the past 20 years and shows no signs of stopping. Boba Tea is just starting to become popular in many places in Europe, so now might be the best time to start.

How To Start A Boba Business


History of Boba Tea

Boba Tea was first made in Taiwan, a small democratic island with about 24 million people living on it. Taiwan is known for its fresh tea and tasty food, so it makes sense that the two would come together to make Boba Tea. It’s like eating and drinking at the same time.

How to Open a Boba Tea Shop

When starting your Boba Tea Shop, some of the most important things to consider are store costs, design, necessary equipment, product sourcing, training, branding, location, and location.

Design and Layout of the Store

Your costs will depend directly on how big your store is. It would help if you had sinks and counter space. Everything else is just a matter of personal taste. Make your counters out of stainless steel. There are still a lot of stores that use wood. Wood is cheaper to start with but doesn’t last very long. Within five years, the constant presence of water will damage the wood, making it look old and sloppy.

Store Prices

It can cost more than $100,000 to open a high-end Boba Tea Shop and even more to buy a franchise. A boba tea shop that does well needs the right tools, training, and high-quality ingredients. All of these cost money, but don’t worry! This blog will show you how to start a Boba Tea Business without spending much money. With this Business Plan, it will cost you between $25,000 and $40,000 to open your store.


Good equipment is one of the most important things you need to open a bubble tea shop.

  • Automatic Tea Makers can save you time and money on wages. But if you are starting, you can use a gas or electric stove to make tea.
  • Your tapioca pearls must be cooked on a Stove. The main differences between gas and electric stoves are how fast they heat up and how even the heat is. A gas stove will heat up and bring water to a boil much faster than an electric stove. But an electric stove will keep the heat steady, making it much easier to cook tapioca pearls.
  • Tea Shaker Machines will help you mix your hot tea with powders and ice to ensure they dissolve correctly and make the “bubbles” on top of your tea.
  • Sugar Dispensing Machines are the best way to ensure that your drinks’ quality stays the same and that your customers get just the right amount of sweetness they asked for.
  • Boba Tea Sealer Machines are a must-have at any real bubble tea shop. They make a seal that keeps air out and gives your cups a natural look and feel. In the long run, sealer machines save money because plastic sealer film is cheaper than traditional lids.

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Store Location

Boba Tea is trendy in places like London, Austin, and New York, but it’s just getting started in the Midwest. If there are already Bubble Tea Shops in your area, don’t be scared. This means they are there to make money, and if you can offer a better product, you shouldn’t have trouble taking some of their customers.

If you’re in a more saturated market, do your research. Go to all of the bubble shops in your area to see how they compare. Find what you can do better than anyone else and make that your business’s core. You can also gain inspiration from other stores’ layouts, menus, and levels of customer service. Look for small ways that will make your business stand out.

Store Size

More than anything else, the cost will depend on how big your store is. I’ve seen big Boba Tea Shops with tables and couches and small ones that can fit in a 100-square-foot space. If this is your first store, it’s best to start small. This will cut your costs by a lot, and having a smaller store will make it look busier and more popular.


To make good bubble tea, you need good ingredients. Your customers will keep returning for more if you use fresh tea leaves, tasty powders, fruity syrups, and chewy boba.

Boba/Bubble Tea Training

Making Boba Tea is a skill similar to making a cocktail or a great cappuccino. It would be best if you had the proper training and recipes to ensure your Bubble Tea tastes great and keeps people coming back.

The quality and texture of the boba are one of the most significant ways to tell a new tea shop from one that has been around for a while. Make a lot of time to practise before the grand opening to make a great first impression.


Branding is often overlooked by new owners, who might start using clear cups and film, but having your own branded logo cups and sealing film can be a huge advantage. Every time customers take your cup with them; they take your ad with them. Also, when people post pictures of your drinks online, this helps your social media presence.


It takes a lot of work to open your Boba Tea Shop, but it can also be one of the most rewarding things you do. These tips make starting a successful tea business in your area more accessible.


How does this business make money?

A bubble tea drink will cost about 75 cents, and you can sell it for a few dollars to make a good profit. Depending on your competition and how sensitive people are to prices, you could make 350% or more on the drink. You can make more money by selling other foods, drinks, or items.

How much money can it bring in?

A 350% markup on a drink is not out of the ordinary. In the food and beverage retail industry, it is not uncommon for gross profit margins to be between 75 and 80%.

Who is the target market for this business?

Millennials. Boba tea, also called bubble tea, is a Taiwanese drink known for its chewy tapioca balls and wide range of tea flavours. The drink is trendy among millennials. It has such a loyal fan base that Buzzfeed quizzes like “Are you addicted to Bubble Tea?” are made about it.